Change ownership of electricity and water supply for your new house

My weekend was kinda tiring one. First, I was told by Mom on last Friday evening that my father was submitted into the hospital due to a small accident in the orchard. He was chopping down the palm branches when suddenly one of it was falling onto him and he had to block it with his hand causing the torn pierced into his flesh. Mom was really worried, and I had to think of a plan on how to look after Xiyad as Mom decided to look after abah for a week. I talked to my team members asking if I could come after lunch or work from home for a week to look after my son in my mom's absence.

I was about to send an email to my manager when Cembam said Mom might not be going back home because my youngest sister said that the wound is not that serious. So, I'm working as usual today =].

At 9 A.M Saturday morning, I met with the previous owner of my house to get the full set of the keys, the toilet covers, faucets, showers and a black boxy thing for the electric circuit. I don't know what do we call it. So, the next thing to do now is to have the electric and water supply. It's not an easy process though. I read in someone's blog just now that you need to do these;

For electricity (TNB)
Documents needed;
1. Photocopy of your SnP form
2. The new owner IC photocopy a.k.a yours
3. RM240 security deposit (cagaran) for single storey house. 2-storey i dont really know + RM3 charge for the ownership
4. Duty stamps RM10 x 2
5. TNB form with RM10 duty stamp, LHDN form with RM10 duty stamp that has been 'killed' (hahahaha) at LHDN
6. Latest bill

Syabas water supply
Documents needed;
1. A copy of the SNP form
2. A copy of your IC
3. RM130 (Penyambungan semula)
4. A complete form that has been signed by an authorized plumber. This is for the one that has been terminated more than 6 months. The plumber is a panel one from SYABAS

Wow~~~ So bitchy la the process. Once I copied those, no mood already to share about the weekend. Next entry la..



Pocket said…
utk syabas tu kan,
item 3 tu tak perlu kalau tuan rumah yang dulu buleh kawtim, kenapa nak potong then nak sambung semula kan,

tapi yang tu kena sembang la baik baik kan...

n of course, only applies to houses that was bought on top of other owner, kalau beli dari pemaju, memang la kena bayor :D
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