Sport Channel


I was late today. I tried going to bed early but there's no difference. Hahaha!!! I would still lie next to Xiyad who will roll here and there, sometimes on his back and sometimes on his chest, making various kind of sounds while looking at the curtain flipping gracefully blown by the table fan. Once he's bored, he would start crying and that means he wants to go outside, living room.

Then I put him on his mattress outside and continue dozing while he does anything he wants. I would feed him his milk when I feel he needs it. See..there's no difference either I sleep early or not. Hahahaha!! The routine remains the same.

Ya, I heard that sleeping after subuh will 'shut' your door of Rizq. But I've also heard that it's a weak hadith coz not everyone working early morning. We have shift workers and etc. Plus if I woke up early in the morning while I already know, there's no task waiting at the office, it still meaningless. Unless I do something else like selling nasi lemak, or bidding in ebay. Right?

I didn't see any tennis game in the Astro lately. Keep switching the channels but didn't see any. So another sport that I like to watch is the volleyball!! Women or men, any. Their spikes, their dives, the slim athletic figures..It's fun watching them. I hope I can play volleyball also once in a while. Hahahaha!!!

If I have one of those slender athletic beauty as my GF, who would know if I would get slapped to the floor whenever she pissed off right. Like.."Fuck you!!!" BAAMMMMMM!!! She spiked me and I would fainted lifelessly on the cold floor. Hahahaha!!! 


Pocket said…
and your GF would dive just in time to safe your head from crashing to the floor:D

vollex kan. serve player jantan luar ngara mcm spike player kita jer. pergh!!
HEMY said…
haah...bila tgok depa main mmg dh lain dr zaman aku..ada yg masuk skadar serve je..pastu kuar..hahahaha. mmg lg sistematik stiap team