Really? What should I entitle this?

First of all, I wanna congrats my sister in law for the good news on her pregnancy!!! Congrats!!! I think it's the best time to have a baby whom later gonna be the companion of Xiyad..hehehe. The estimated due is almost the same as Cembam's. Maybe the baby would be delivered around Xiyad's birthday. Hehehehehhe!!

Congrats again Along!!

From the eyes of xiyad

Last night I managed to play around with Photoshop. Getting into the mood of photography and editing after I realize that it keeps fading little by little. Kekeke. So I browsed some pictures and touch up couple of them while waiting the online game to start.

The picture above was taken couple months back when we attended a relative's kenduri at Petaling Jaya. It was one scorching day and we were counting on the breeze of wind in that center of urban jungle under the shade of the tree.

Like mother like son

While waiting for the other cars finding a parking spot, I just snapped some pictures of Cembam and Xiyad. Hehehe. Xiyad and his Mickey Mouse outfit bought by Shira, my SIL. And that striped socks was quite a good match though. Well, Cembam is really particular about what Xiyad wears. Ahahaha. Need to be the same colour and etc.

Mengemis demi anak

While waiting, why not begging for some cash? Hahahahahaha!!! 

Xiyad's milking mode is giving me quite a concern. There's a possibility that he will 'putus susu' very early considering how much he love that anmum milk and can consume around 16-25 OZ a day. I don't think Cembam would be able to supply him that much. And that is probably the reason why Xiyad would breastfeed so quick. Maybe there's not much milk from Cembam. So at the end we need to top it up with anmum.

Cembam is planning to take a milk enhancing pill or vitamin. Something like that. It would be useful during the midnight though. i don't need to wake up and prepare Xiyad's milk if Cembam can breastfeed Xiyad till he satisfied. Coz right now even after breastfed, Xiyad will cry and it will only stop after I made him additional formula milk. And he will doze off back into his slumber.

I salute those Moms whom manage to breastfeed their children till 2 year-old. It's easier said than done. Hahahaha


jedi said…
kesabaran org perempuan mmg jauh bandingnya dengan kita...anak rengek skit je mereka dah sedar dari tido...aku mmg xmampu begitu..
HEMY said…
Aku stakat ni mampu nk terjaga every time xiyad uweekkk.hhehe.harap berterusan le
Hasnor said…
gila lama x visit sini...
anak aunty dh bessaarrr! bila laa nk jumpa..jom set play date.
tau2 dh besar xiyad.

beb, apa email ko..aku nk invite kt blog aku
HEMY said…