Next is the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS!!

I'm a bit loss in my work now and kinda stuck by something and why not composing a new entry while the query is still pulling my leg firmly into the ground immobilizing me to take the next action. Right? Ekekekeke..

I'm back doing testing now in the office after almost 4 years not doing it. The tool is still the same but the memory on the processes, the buttons, the procedures are somewhat blurry and needs to be polished back. I'm coping well but rather slow though. Hehehehhe. Thanks to the other team members for helping.


I would be doing a wedding photography for my friend soon. It's been a while since my last complete wedding photography service that I've done. I really hope my skill is not rusted though coz it might disappointing to my friend if that happens. Hahahahaha!!!! It's been exactly 2 years since the day I bought my 7D. I didn't buy anything related to camera at all after that coz I really focus on finishing the monthly installment first. Well, it was really a shocked back then when a burglar broke into the house and stole my D200 set and the best way to still own a DSLR is to use the EZ payment method =). And now, I realized that it needs another 6 months to finish the payment. Yeayy!!!

But I've been eyeing on my next EZ payment item to be purchased. Ahahahahaha!!! Well, the PC set, laptop and camera would return back around RM470 back to my financial flow of course after the the EZ payment is completed. So, I really want to take a new installment that would cost less than 300 for this very item. I really want to have it since I the day I bought my first DSLR. It's like my dream lense.

If I save my money and buy it cash, it would really leave a huge hole in my stomach. Seriously. Plus now we have our own house and I have my own child, I would think on how many other things I could buy with that amount of money. That is why credit card and EZ payment come in handy. hahahahaha!!!

My motto of using Credit card and EZ Payment;

Nowadays, if you want to taste the awesomeness of the modern life, you need to do it via EZ payment. 



Mak Su said…
maksu dulu suka gaks nak menceburi bidang fotografi, sudahnya ceburi bidang tulisi tulisi, hehehe

p/s: nak cari lumix, minat ngan lumix, ada 2ndhand tak ek?