Limited access!!

I went out lunch around 1PM today so I can stopped at 3A floor for Zuhur before going back up. Feel a bit sleepy though. I think it's time for some music

*putting in the earphone into the phone and playing wish you were here*

Ok let's continue hehe. I still haven't being assigned to any new project. In a way, I'm loving it coz I really want to take a break from any assignment after that long 4 years attachment. But on the other hand, I can't bargain for a better increment and performance bonus if I haven't being in any project though.

I asked to work from home this Thursday and Friday because my Mom wants to arrange the house for my sister's engagement this Saturday. She said that there's so much things to do and her children are mostly working and cannot help unless on that very Saturday itself which is a bit too late to lend any help. My sister took her annual leave and will bring my Mom balik kampung tonight.

I also has applied a-week off next week. It's a school break, and our anniversary week. Hehehe. So I guess it's a nice time to spend some of my annual leave. We are gonna be at Sabak till Tuesday morning, going to Gambang Waterpark till Wednesday and then heading towards Kuala Terengganu.

It's been a while la since the last time I dip my body into a cold flowing water. Nak gi air terjun!!! But unsure if it's OK to bring little Xiyad along. You know, forest area, paranormal creatures..that kind of stuffs.

My working place is being very strict now. Cant access FB was a start, now no Gmail, no twitter. Sob Sob. Oh my Allah!! I cant even publish this entry from my laptop. If u cant access n log into ur gmail, how can u publish an entry!!

I had to copy the entry, send it to my gmail via my company mail, open my gmail from my phone, paste it in my mobile blogger and now i can publish!! I guess mobile blogging starting tomorrow (==)


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