Let's Bike-Pull

This is a picture that I took at night when we were sending my sister to our relative house asking for their favor to let my sis crash in for a week coz my dad was going to Umrah and Mom was at my place leaving my sister alone. My Mom was pulling her like in the picture and it brought back lots of memories doing that during my school life. So I took a picture of them despite of the low light and shaky picture.

Have you guys ever done it? 

Back when I was schooling 4KMs away from my house, I would ride my bicycle and kicked off from home around 7.15A.M. That's why I cant understand why my sister now has to kick off as early as 6.40A.M. Pfffttt.. Lantak la. My dad would also kick off from the house to send my other siblings who were schooling in a primary school just near to mine. 

There are 2 routes that we can take going to the school. But if the route that we took is the same and I was lucky to have the same timing as my dad, I would suddenly feel a bump on my back and my bicycle would cruise smoothly after that. That's because Dad was pushing my bike with his left leg..hehehehhe. There are several ways to do this.

Dad would usually use his feet to push. Sometimes I would just put my foot on the backseat pedal, and then hold my dad's shoulder. But the force would be more on my leg coz I wont put more pressure on my dad's shoulder. The method above where you pull the hand is the worst method and the most difficult one. Hahahahaha!!!

I was so used to it till the part where I can let off my hands from the handle. Hahahaha..Lepas tangan while being pull by my dad. It was like so coool~~~~ Kekekekeke. Wow..that really was a memorable moments~~~


zonaku said…
no chance. primary school across d street. secondary school lives in hostel.
HEMY said…
tak rasa nikmat dunia yg ni lah ko..ekekekeke