Anniversary week - Gambang Waterpark Resort

Morning everyone. While most of you are working as usual to earn your wage every end of the month, I have the privilege to spend the week off after I applied for it a month in advance to spend our anniversary week and balik kampung.

It's the 2nd year of our marriage and we are blessed with our precious Xiyad Asytar who is now approaching his 5th month. He's healthy, cries a lot and likes to make many kind of sounds!!We've been thinking on what kind of place we could spend the time together. We already went to Fraser, Cameron, lake or river is not an option coz we have a small baby. Takut ada benda ikut balik kan. Beach, baik balik kampung je ada beach.

So at the end, we decided to go to Gambang Waterpark coz firstly, it's along our destination towards Kuala Terengganu. And the other factor is that we've never been there of course. We won't be really free to play in the water for sure because we need to look after Xiyad every single seconds. We have checked that in mind before going. Well, we just want to spend our time at a new place. Playing there to our hear content is not actually the main agenda though.


So we had our fun at the waterpark with Ateh, my wife's sister accompanying us. Boleh la kami berdua gi luncur sama2 while Ateh taking her turn watching over Xiyad kan. We reached the suite and checked in aroun 1P.M. At first I was shocked by a news that my package is not including the waterpark tickets. What the Fart!! I told them that I've called the resort twice to confirm the package, I've even canceled the Agoda booking coz I think the resort's package is better and I booked it online with the guide of their staff. There's no way there's a mistake in my booking.

Supported by all these facts and maybe plus my flat-top new hair cut making me looks more intimidating, they handed me the waterpark entrace ticket for 2paxs. OK!!! Settled. 


The waterpark doesnt use money. You need to topup your bracelet for any amount as you like coz they will scan it for any purchases or transactions inside. Ateh bought her entrance ticket and I topped up my bracelet RM50 coz we need the tube and we don't really need to dine in there because we just had our lunch an hour before we went in.

Xiyad was sleeping in the stroller when we went in. Then we started first. Cembam and I went for the first slides. There are 5 slides available in this waterpark and you should try it all. Cembam is not a fan of adrenaline-rush kind of activities. I had to convince her really good and we picked the one that looks most non-scary slide for our first try.

And Cembam passed through the blood-surging moment. She took a rest then, and I went to the same slide with Ateh plak. The very first one would really brought your heart to jolt, but after that you became accustomed to it.


The slides are really fun. Unlike THE CARNIVAL that I went in Kedah which didn't allow tudung or zipped tracksuit to play the slide, they are not that strict here. So in the end, I played all the 5 slides. Injured my elbow during the last slide which you slide down on your chest macam merempit tu..straight je slide dia. Tapi because it looks like a race masa tu with other 3 guys, It was my first try..silap cara plak..dah berdarah2 siku. Hahaha.

Cembam managed to play 3 times, 3 slides..and the dark tunnel woh..nice...Ateh, 2 times. Then we headed home. It was raining every now and then too. It was a simple Anniversary celebration for us. And thanks to Ateh for the anniversary dinner later that night at Johnny's steamboat. Pray for our everlasting marriage!!!


Masy said…
hohohoh nice nice! bagus gak bawak adik ipau, leh bantu membantu hehehe
zonaku said…
masy... itulah tujuan jenjalan bersama keluarga.....

anul, sempat x aku nk jumpa xiyad ni?
Hemykacak said…
Masy, kalau xde adik ipar mungkin ke tempat lain kot.hehhe

Zonaku, mcm xdapek la.sbb aku tolak dr ganu ni ahad pagi..sorry