Xiyad and big bro Nahdan

These 2 days, my nephew is being look after by Mom. Since Mom is currently helping us with taking care of Xiyad for an unknown time =p, and my sister urgently needs mom's help to look after Nahdan for couple of days due to the nanny-issue she experienced last week, Nahdan has been put under mom's care at my house since 2 days ago.

My sis has already found a new nanny, but because she's still very new (found last week), my sis is a bit reluctant to leave Nahdan till late evening (my sis has some school task to do till late evening on Wednesday). Xiyad also needs Mom, hence the only option is to send Nahdan over to my place.

Nahdan is in the stage of absorbing all the thing he could learn is so cuteeee~~~. Everytime he eats something, fed by Mom, for example the jelly, he would feed it to me. If he can't scoop his own jelly, he would just poke the jelly from my mom's hand and ask me to suck his finger..hahahaha!!!

Nahdan & Grandma

And Nahdan really loves baby!! If he has a chicken drumstick at his hand, he will try to feed it to Xiyad. Hahaha!! Bread, anything that he is currently eating, he would try to feed it to Xiyad. Then he would pat him every now and then and gives Xiyad kisses.

The only thing we worry and have to pay attention closely is when Nahdan approaches Xiyad. Nahdan is 2 times bigger than Xiyad and Nahdan cannot control the force yet. The pat would sometimes gets harder than it supposed to, the press of his palms and etc. Ekekeke. This is what we call 'caringly-concerning'!! Hahahahaha!!!

Nahdan is also barely a month knowing to walk. So comel. He understands some of what we speak also. Asking him to throw the rubbish in the basket, fetch something from Mom and gives it to me..so cute when he managed to do what we told everytime.

Hmm..pejam celik kalu..the next thing I know, Xiyad is already walking kan~~~~~ For now, Xiyad is in the middle of learning how to grab je..

Haa..betul2 latihan memegang ni..sambil usha angry bird dok perhati dia..ahahaha

He can hold things, but dunno what to do with it and barely controls it. Haa..tu smpi ke mata tu..ekekeke

And he's getting more and more like Cembam..Tapi ok lah kan. Laki ikut muka mak kan sejukkkkkkkkk



Masy said…
xiyad buat muka takde perasaan, geram betei ngahaahahahahaha
HEMY said…
cool Xpression nama dia