Supervised environment

For a consulting company, not having a punch card system is a normal thing. This probably due to the working environment where sometimes the consultant has to work late and they would come late the next morning. Some would have different working hours based on the client location. When i was frst briefed by the one of the manager, he emphasized that we must not abuse the flexibility coz it might end up being stripped off from you as the result of it being abused too much.

So i always remember this advice coz i know this nice environment of ,based-on-trust' and 'as-long-as-we-deliver-the-task' is indeed so splendid and i dont want it to end.

Now my workplace is getting into a mode where quite numbers of the resource are on-the-bench, a term when u are not assigned to any project. And when this happened, it can be said that it's a time where i literally dont have anything to do when u come to the office and u start browsing, youtube, window shopping and etc. Well most of us do believe that while waiting for the next assignment..why not? Coz we whooped our ass during the projec to deliver the best and if u dont want us goyang kaki, just arrange us a training or new assignment asap.

Now in the office, the admin will take your attendance stealthily by browsing around the office and tick ur name. It is done before lunch and after lunch. That means u cant go home after lunch for any reason. Even if u dont have anything to do..anything at all...dont ever dare to go home.

Adding to that, i heard they also monitor ur internet activities. Wha thr fart!!!! U dont have anything to do (except online training which not really topics that u wud be interested at), and now u cant surf it freely to kill time. Waaahhh~~~ seriously this has become more and more detesting. For me? Dude...even during my busy days with lots of works and tickets to be handled, i still read comic online while doing my job. It works as my escapade. A multitasking effort that ensuring the work to be deliverred and at the same time preserves my stress-free state. That's how i roll and if the company doesnt allow it, just block the webs then. For me, as long as i can access the page, then it means that it's allowed.

Hmm...let see how would this supervised environment gonna continue. If u ask me, i dont really give a dime about the browsing thingy :)


Fiza Z. Abidin said…
ahahahahah lepas ni kalau pegi surau pun kene letak sign kt meja lah nnt org kata lari balik pulak...
HEMY said…
Ada laptop ptt tau kita masih ada le
Anonymous said…
~~~ All american reject: Gives you hell