Phenumococoal and Rotavirus shots

I'm at my sis's. Wow..I really cant live my life through out the day without a glimpse of my rectangle display that emits a mild radiation making u short-sighted after years staring into it where u can keep urself updated with what is happening out there. Ekeke..melancholically dramatic!!. I just feel happier spending my days without going out if I have my PC in front of me!! Even better with the Internet!!

Luckily I have my SIRI =]. This morning we went to an-Nur for xiyad's optional shots. We've decided to take the rotavirus & Phenumococoal (prevenar13) to ensure better health for xiyad's future. It was our first time going there during the weekend. Lots of parents!! We had to wait for almost 3 hours as we didn't really set an appointment with the doctor.

Alhamdulillah, xiyad just shrieked 4 a sec and he didn't even cry apart of the doc reminded us that the shot will hurt a little. So proud & relieved at the same time. Even the doc praised him. Good boy~~~.

Both of the shots cost us RM383. Ye rota shot is more expensive than prevenar13. Rota costs around RM250 if I'm not mistaken. For parents who are reading this entry, currently an-Nur has this program where for the last shot (after ur child is 1-year old), it will be free. This free last shot probably is a program in every private clinic. So you might wanna ask about it.


Mak Su said…
mmg mahal cucuk tu, tp untuk kebaikan