Mind walking

I'm working from the Gardens today. After being delayed for almost an hour for searching my gate pass all over the house, I found it placed nicely inside one of my windbreaker side pocket. (=.=). Whenever I had a really hard time to find my belongings, it would surely placed at or in a very decent place. I can easily find my stuffs if they are put the way I want, but most of the time my way is considered menyepah by my wife or my Mom. Ahahahaha!!!!

While I was riding towards the office, like usual my mind would always running wildly thinking, visualizing, dreaming of any random things. Today, my mind flashed back to the years passed when I was still a single guy living in a small rented house in a small room with the other housemates. I purposely chose the small room downstairs and not the one bigger upstairs because I've already anticipated that there might be days where my family would need to stay in my room when they were here in KL. Coz at that time, we didn't really have decent place to crash in. My sister was not married yet, I didn't have my own house yet. So to minimize the uneasiness of my housemates when my family was around, I chose the downstairs room so that they can comfortably lived the day out upstairs doing their own things.

Now, my sister has her own house with her husband and son. I'm still menumpang at my in-law's house. It was the house they lived in during the time my FIL was continuing his master or PHD. But now they resides at their hometown and my SIL and us are living in the house. My mom is currently living with us as Cembam has started to teach again after her 3-month maternity leave.

Mom offered to look after Xiyad while we are waiting for the process of owning our own house would finally come to its completion. We would find a nursery around the house. Well, that's the plan for now. I just hope it would be at most another 1 month for us to get the key of the house. Amiinnn~~~