Looking for best promo

March is coming just like how it promises every single year. March is one of the special month coz it's my birth month and to add on it, my wedding anniversary is also in March. So i've been using these ocassion as a reason for my family escapade, getting some fresh air away from this urban jungle and spend the time together in the best possible moment we could.

I've booked a room at gambang resort just now. 2 bookings actually. I was comparing the rate between agoda n the direct resort and booked the agoda at first coz it was rm20 more value. But then when i submit the payment, the figure changed after the tax was added in. Damn!!

I hurriedly clicked the cancellation menu & while the cancellation page was 1 click away from me, dispalying 0-cancellation-fee, i was browsing the gambang resort page and ready to book. But i called the service desk to comfirm couple of things first. I need to make sure;

1. The price really includes the waterpark fee
2. The price is a nett price

Once the lady confirmed them, i cancelled the agoda one and booked the resort directly. Huhu. You really need to be particular in this sort of thing to ensure the value-4-money promotion would really return the best value to you

Anyone wanna tag along??hehehe..jom!!


Pocket said…
march is for jalan jalan yer..
ohh ok..
then pocket kena cari bulan jalan jalan jgak lah:D