The dilemma of looking for a nanny

>> Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday is here..oh yeah~~~ Tonight's gonna be a tennis night~~ Eekkekeke..

Yes, this is how purely my feeling is everytime I woke up and it was my play-day. I always looking forward for the day which now are Tuesday and Friday!! Cembam has been living in this life of mine and totally understand about these days. Eekkekeke. Mom has finally condoned on this routine.

"Kenapa tak balik jumaat malam je bang?"
"Lewat sangat mak. Wawa tak nak sebab dia takleh tido dlm keta"
"kenapa lewat? balik lepas kerja la"
"ada tennis la mak"
"tennissss jeeee..maiiinnn jeee"
"selasa ngn jumaat je skang mak..kalau tiap minggu balik jumaat ate bila nak main nye"

Ahahaha. Eventually Mom began to understand. Well, she has been living with her son that would cycle 5KM to the Pekan to play takraw every evening right after his folding-the-clothes task has been completed. But after I got married and I moved to Bangi, I couldn't find any place nearby playing takraw anymore. So there's no more speeding right after 6PM to play takraw everyday (=.=)

Hmm..Other story

Mom is now living with us. She has been offering to look after Xiyad even during Cembam's pregnancy. I never asked her about it but I do hope she would offer. And she did!! Mom has been taking care of my sis's son for months because the nursery around her area would only accept babies after 3 months old.

In my case, I am hoping to send Xiyad to any nursery after he has already get hold of himself. I mean when he has a fix routine which can easily be handled by any nanny. For now, he would suddenly cried so hard, rejected the milk, pushed his Mom's breast and keep on crying. After putting him in a sitting pose, on his chest and couple more things did to him, only then he regained his composure and can be put to sleep.

I just afraid and so worried if the nanny cant endure this and started to do bad things to my son. I just can't imagine and can't afford to bear with the risk. Oh!! My sis has just called Mom this morning. Apparently the Mak Tok, her nanny where she sends her son everyday has done something suspicious. One day when she fetched him from the mak tok, she spotted bruises on her son, nahdan's eyelids and below the eyes. My sis playfully asked nahdan "nape nahdan..mate awak ni" . Then the mak tok answered "x tau la"

The next day, my sis' hubby, fik brought nahdan there. As usual fik will always brings some sweets or chocolates for mak tok's granddaughter. It was then she said something to Fikri

"bapak nahdan..bapak nahdan..tok gam mata nahdan"

Then fik asked "pakai gam apa?" and was waiting for the answer when mak tok emerged from behind her granddaughter giving gesture 'shhh' with her finger on her lips (u know what i meant). OMA!! It was really making fik so uncomfortable n so concerned!! The sign was so obvious that something did happen. Then when they checked back on the bruises, it was indeed looks like a mark of a selotape being taped to shut nahdan's eyes!!!!

My sis was crying when she called mom. They are not stingy ppl. They pay full even if there are days they didnt send Nahdan there. And some candies everyday. What the fart!! I just hope its not the truth but hey, kids dont lie do they? And i even imagined that nahdan is an active boy, but not hyperactive. He can play by himself n seldom cries. But yes its really hard for him to sleep. U just need to supervise him while doing ur own thing!! And nahdan would easily removes anything being put on him. Hat, glasses etc. so for sure if mak tok taped his eyes, he would remove them. So how can the tapes remained glued until it leaved the marks?? I can only imagine the worst where his hands were tied!!! OMA!!!

It's really hard to trust ppl nowadays. Violence can be easily done by anyone. I miss the days back then when mom and her friends were nannies at different hired by my teachers. They even permitted mom to hit their kids to educate. Mom could scold the children in front of her parents/employer if she thought they were kurang ajar to their parents!!!

OMA!! I really hope my sis could find better nanny and this doa applies to me also...


Fiza Z. Abidin February 10, 2012 at 2:13 PM  

kesian...tulah org dulu2 kalau jaga anak org lain kan mcm lebih teliti dr anak sendiri..takut sgt anything happen..these days mcm easily je nak buat sesuka hati...arwah mak aku dulu pun nanny gak for almost 7 years...siap bdk tu tido umah kteorg lagi muhahaha smpi aku naik jeles ekekekek...

aish..harap2 nahdan sentiasa dilindungi Allah sepanjang dia kt umah nanny dia tu eh....seriau weh....

HEMY February 10, 2012 at 2:28 PM  

tulah..mak aku pn bertahun2 gak..skang dh besar budak2 tu..

mmg harap tak jadi pa la si nahdan tu

zella y February 10, 2012 at 3:01 PM  

mak aku pon pernah jaga bdk2..
so aku boleh bygkan camner keadaan nya tp klu smpai dh dera mcm tu...mmg org tu kurang ajar...
nasib baik ade tanda2 mcm tu,so boleh tau ape yg berlaku...
cecepat tukar penjaga...
seram aku bc cite ko ni....
kdg2 kita tgk org tu baikkkk je tp sbnrnya...hurm...xikhlas langsung!

Erina Asmawani February 13, 2012 at 1:07 PM  

ya Allah..seramnya! sampai macam tu sekali dia buat kat nadhan..huhuhu..sedihlah! tula kan..nanny skrg mmg xley caye 100%..hmmm..

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