Complete make-over

I got this from Sarimah Ibrahim's tweetpic. A power of make up is really something huh. You can see how her eyes completely changed from that original swollen-look to that smoky big eyes. And at the end of the process, she indeed looks way cuter than the original one. Huhuhu

I don't have any objection on it though. Normal instinct of wanna be beautiful is what makes us human. It's just that the truth of anyone being her boyfriend lo. How shocked he would be looking at her make-up less and might yell "where are your big eyes!!!!" Bwahahahahhahaha!!

You always hear dont judge people by their looks or dont fall in love because of the look, now tell me how many percent of that wisdom is truly being practiced? Ahahahahaha!!!

I think that's why most guys would see a girl 'being naked'. Maybe because guys like originality and they would think how the original look behind all those make up. Ahahahahahahaha


Jard The Great said…
apsal ko bnyk gelak dlm entri neh? hahahaha.. =p
Masy said…
ade show kat tv penah panggil pompuan2 yg cenggini pastu dorg tunjuk cemne dorg mekap sampai jadi comel gitu. mostly mmg highlite kat mata.. yelah mata deme sepet2 gitu

sibbaik mata aku mmg ori besau. hahaahha
HEMY said…

masy, mata kau ori besau tapi nape tak comel..??bwhahahahahahahahahahaha
Anonymous said…
kena kena tipu..

gambar skrang dah photoshopped. Muka skrang dah kena makeup.

apa lagi yang original?