Blue angry bird~~ Alhamdulillah?

Angry birds is one hell of a game that has been successfully gaining interests from various level of users. From a small little kids to adults with strains of grey hairs on their heads. The concept of the game is so simple but the setup of the obstacles, the various kind of the birds really make it a catchy games.

While my SIRI was not yet jailbroken, I've been playing this game occasionally at Cembam's iphone after I downloaded it. But now since I have a jailbroken iphone, I keep on downloading any applications that I deemed useful and fun before the rumored "jailbreak is illegal" takes place =p.

And I was playing the game one morning after recited the Qur'an via one of the free app I have lying next to Xiyad. Then I started to play the angry bird to let Xiyad engrossed into it and forget about crying. It was then when I launched the bluebird, I spotted the word "Alhamdulillah" from it. I tried many times launching it and it became even clearer. Woww~~

So I googled it up and found out that there are already numbers of articles about it. A blog I read even got comments with many kind of perspectives and opinions regarding the matter. Well of course there are self-opinions-that-surely-the-right-thing-bcoz-it-came-from-me-and-I-dont-give-a-damn-what-other-ppl-think.  

And I've just found out about it on my own..Am looking for answer whether it's really OK about all this matters? "At least they used alhamdulillah and the words will spread to others as dakwah"? Really? Logically, makes sense. But back to the root of Islam teaching, we need to seek for guidance, ask the respective person and not just blurt out what we logically think..So, I'm gonna do that. =]

But yah, I'm still playing it...


Pocket said…
u spotted it as if 'heard' it?
then I too have to play this game tonite.
but what does the blue bird do?
black is for explosion,
yellow is rampage, blue

the 3 small one?
HEMY said…
yep..the 3 small one. I didnt get the word in the previous levels..not sure if I dint hear or catch it, or the alhamdulillah was not the sound effect for those levels.

but the level i played that very morning sure use alhamdulillah