Abah's umrah flight

Im at klia waiting for my uncle, aunties and the agent for dad's umrah departure today. Its a bit chaotic as the one in charge of all the arrangement is my uncle and we didnt really know the exact time of departure. We were here since 10plus, but when i called my inle of his whereabout, he said he's on his way and was at Kapar. That is another 1.5 hour journey!!

The first info was to gather at 10a.m. Then another update was 12p.m. International flight needs you to get into the gate (what was the term??) around 2 hours earlier right? Thats why i decided to come around 10. Huuu~~ i should have come later. Even my mom woke up at 5a.m..haishhh

When i checked the schedule just now, jeddah flight is set at 3.15p.m!! Hmm..sabar je lah. Luckily i've prepared some entertainment in my phone for this kind of ocassion. So now waiting for everyone to come.

I managed to renew my driving license for 5 years just now, no queue!! Macam la i would guarantee to live another 5 years kannn. I was being fined by the police during a roadblock on friday night. I saw the roadblock from far and was saying "ah, my wallet is in the boot". So i took a left turn 3 metres from the roadblock which naturally the turn i would make towards the mamak. But a policeman stopped me and asked for my license.

I took my wallet from the boot, handed the officer my license which i could see in a glance "/8/11". Shoot!! It was a long time since i had to show my license. I was so sure that i have a valid license. I searched for the "valid" one all over the pockets of my wallet while saying "ari tu sy baru kena tahan kat lpt, mmg sy tunjuk lesen" to the officer trying to start my escape-drama.

But then the officer confirmed that my last renewal was indeed august last year while showing me his phone that displayed my license information. "oh ye ke..". Bwahahahahahaha!! So relaxly i sat next to the officer and chat with him while waiting for the officer preparing my summon ticket. The officer was a nice guy whom didnt really show his policeness. And just like that i was fined for the 2nd time for expired license. Hahahaha

Okay...the rest of the umrah school is here now. And u know what? The flight is at 5 pm!!!!! Arghhh


Ayman said…
1. Sekali lg smartphone beraksi menyelamatkan keadaan.
2. Owh.. polis sudah online ke skrang? Saman bleh terus check? ke ada apps?
HEMY said…
itu salah satu kegunaan smartphone bebbbb

polis pn ada smartphone cek sistem. terus tau ko mmg takde lesen ke, tggl ke, tk idup ke..hamek kauuuu