Xiyad and his gaming observation

We gonna get back to KL tomorrow. I really wanna kick off right after subuh prayer or latest after breakfast, but the keropok lekor BTB that we've booked will only be ready around 10a.m. Hmm..I really really hope it's still not late that will cause us stuck once again in a long line of cars heading towards KL like last year..(==)

Xiyad now would prefer a very short series of naps through out the day. Less than 1 hour, and then he would enjoy himself in his own-created world, making sounds every now and then and if he felt so bored, he would just cry to get his Mom's milk =]

He can now be left with others, just let him be by himself while we have our lunch. The secret lies behind his fingers!! He really love to suck his own fingers. CUUUTTT PCCUUTTT..the sound that he makes whenever he was sucking that fingers of his so gleefully.


Even his Pok Su Ekal can be trusted to look after him. They can play PES (pre evolution soccer) at Cembam's Iphone together..err..well metaphorically speaking. hehehe. Xiyad gets very excited looking at anyone holding an iphone. Usually Cembam or I would let him look while we play any game. Ahahahaha.

Oh, I managed to pay a visit to Aima's house..but will update that later.


Bit Xamri said…
Alololo...dah lama xtgk pic xiyad..
(sbb da lama xbukak blog):P
HEMY said…
Busy keee...lama gak ko x bertandang. Meh la jumpa xiyad
Mak Su said…
budak kecik hisap jari, and amazingly, kelima-lima jari leh masuk dalam mulut! hebat kan!
HEMY said…
hahaha..satu penumbuk dihisapnya