I've finished watching Ra.One last night. Apparently the subtitle that I managed to download yesterday in the office (1MB je, tak effect the office's network performance pun) works!! My rating? It's like watching our own superhero movie Cicakman but with one thing plus - sexy abs ladies..ahahahaha!!!


I have a presentation that needs to be made tomorrow to the client. It's a mean of selling our service and hoping to seal the deal and brings money to the company. Well I know this is part of being a consultant but it's my first time ever doing this since the day I was called a consultant. It brings chill through my spine but at the same time, I glad that I've been given this opportunity to bring myself up another level of my life experience.

So just now, my colleagues and I were summoned into the manager's room and with us was also the sales manager as a listener to our pre-run presentation. After 2 of us have presented our slots, the sales manager shared his points of improvements to us. He even simulated back how it can be presented for each of our slots. OH MY GASH!!! It was like the sky and the ground - the difference of how effective one's words could be!! 

The way he presented, the choices of his words, the simplicity of his are truly awing. I jotted down some hints and tips that I could remember and will try to incorporate it into my presenting style tomorrow. He really think that we are not that confidence and it's really important to show our confidence to the client tomorrow. And that is what I'm gonna do tomorrow!! Cross fingers, pray for me yah!!!


syah shah said…
cross fingers cara Kristian la bai... tukar cepat.. haha~ :P

Anyways, semoga segalanya berjalan lancar esok... aminnn
HEMY said…
ahahahaha...cross puzzle!!!