Little bit about Cameron

The New Year Eve was being celebrated by us at Cameron Highland. My sis and I were thinking about having a holiday together with our family during the school holiday. Even Cembam asked to have jalan-jalan time during the last weekend of the school holiday. So I browsed Agoda, booked the Parkland Apartment for RM450 a night and we headed there around 4P.M.

Some said that the route from Simpang Pulai is wider and much smoother. But if you come from KL, Simpang Pulai is the next exit after the Tapah route. So you would even drive farther away from Tapah route/exit and Simpang Pulai route is waaayyyyy longer than Tapah route. Seriously. We kinda regretted the decision sooo fartin hard. We also got stucked in the jam for couple of KMs.

We reached the apartment around 9P.M and after we refreshed ourselves, feeling rejuvenated, we went out to the night market which was almost closing. Mom stayed at the apartment looking over the sleeping Xiyad. We bought a sweater and leggings for Xiyad which only wore for an hour. It wasn't that cold up there~~~

Parkland Apartment

Parkland Apartment

Parkland Apartment

I didn't manage to have our own picture, Xiyad and Cembam as Xiyad has already been placed comfortably on the rear seat. This apartment is situated exactly opposite the Titiwangsa Hotel that we spent our night during our honeymoon 2 years ago. But Parkland doesn't offer free steamboat ==

Small step

Nahdan taking his small steps

Me with my red sweater

Xiyad with his sweater. He was really not in his best condition at this time as the cradle cap and the rashes were really flaring up.

Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad posing before heading to KEA Farm

kena kepit

Me sempat posed with Nahdan and Biba je

Then we headed to KEA Farm. We were queuing to go there and once we reached the place, we discovered the reason. The traffic police was in action. They were fining all the cars that were parked alongside of the road which has been a normal thing there. For me, they can fine a car that double park which obstructing the traffic flow. But if the car was parked nicely by the road, should be OK. There were lots of them being fined.

The reason why the fine was because KEA farm has already allocate parking space for the visitors. But the parking spot was going downhill. Really downhill and you need to walk/climb uphill after you parked using the same route where the car would use. No specially designated route. I heard lots of complaints for the RM3 parking.

The rest of my family was walking all over the place but Cembam and I whom have been there once just stick to our agenda to buy some veggies, dried strawberries and some other things. The tip is to stick to 1 shop and you can bargain as low as you can. You can even ask them to overweight the dried strawberries. Hehehehe. And you would be even luckier if you can speak javanese to the Indonesian salesgirl there. Ahahahahahaha!!!

After an hour, we left the place and went to Agrofarm.


zonaku said…
pesal ko nmpak cam apek tua je last pic tu???
HEMY said…
saja wat camtu sebab aku dh tak tahan orang panggil aku kacak lah, brad pitt lah..takut riak...
Erina Asmawani said…
hahaha..kak zona nye komen best ;p

uiii..comeynya nadhan siap glove, topi tu tak tahan, cam kat obersi..

uhuk, cameron..bestnye! nak pergi sana tapi memikirkan jalan nak ke sana tu mmg x sanggup la..huu
syah shah said…
kalau nak ikut simpang pulai tapi datang dari arah selatan memang silap besolaa pasal jawooooohhhhh~~~

tapi kalau memang tak berani lalu ikut Tapah, bertolaklah lebih awal lenkali.. hoho~

best tak duk kat parkland tu? 450/night tu bape bilik tu?
HEMY said…
takdela teruk sgt jln erina..ok lg banding fraser hill

ok gak syahshah cuma takde plak complimentary steambot...3 bilik..memang luassss