The Car-seat training - A brilliant session!!!

This weekend feels like the end of the best days ever spent!! Yaa..I supposed to have a 3-week leave or even longer. But there's a new project already waiting for me and I would be one of the main resource. So long story shortened, the client wanted me to present about the system to them =='. So cuakkkss~~~ and so malas to start working again~~~~

I left my camera and Xiyad's bag full of his clothes during our a-week balik kampung session at my sis' place. So whether we like it or not, we had to go out this weekend to fetch it back plus my sister's medical card was also mistakenly kept by me. So this time it was a very nice saiillll!!!!!

We've been trying to train Xiyad to get accustomed to his car-seat coz it will be an enormous advantage if we could do so. Cembam can drive with Xiyad next to her in the car-seat without needing someone to hold him. It had been the third attempt after both of the previous attempt were only manage to retain him 15 minutes long at best.

Nahdan peeking on Xiyad

This time I put him in front at first and right after I shifted the gear to kick-off he already cried!!! 3 seconds!!! But I tried to make him stop crying..

"Xiyad tu awan putih kepul-kepul..cuba tengok luar..haaa...langit biru..takde tali pun pegang Allah buat..Allah tu maha kuasa...Ada burung..ada pokok"

And on and on and it worked!!! Right after we left the apartment's area, he stay still and just making various kind of sounds along the way. A 40-minute journey. I had to keep peeking every now and then coz I put on the car-seat's hood to avoid the scorching flare. Alhamdulillah. Even when we were having our lunch, we prepared his milk and he drank it till he felt asleep. And he remained cool and behave so good during our household shopping. 

And it continued till I placed him at the backseat this time so Cembam can boo-chak him or have a chat with him to keep him accompany and remained behaved~~~ And Alhamdulillah. Even there were a shrieking at start till Cembam almost brought him out for breastfeeding but at the end he remained comfy and stay shut waving his tiny hands till we reach home.

Alhamdulillah...thank you Allah..thank you Xiyad!!


Masy said…
bagus Xiyad! u go girl! eh.. u go boy! mueheheheeh
jedi said…
wah...bagus xiyad...senang nak bawa berjalan pas ni...
HEMY said…
hehehe...harapnya alah bisa tegal biasa la ini budak
Pocket said…
susah wo kalau tak biasa.
kira ko ok gak tu,
ada yg dah besar br nk bagi duduk,
meronta ronta la budak tu.
HEMY said…
tu yg nk besa kan dari kecik tu pocket...huhu