Bruce Willis to invite heroine Wafa in his next movie

Xiyad with Wafa

Ekekekeke. Wafa with Bruce Willis...There are gonna be the shining duo in the movie Chocolate Toll. 

Hehehe..the picture taken from the past encounter with Wafa at Lachang toll going back to KL from Ganu. Wafa texted me couple days before to buy her some keropok lekor BTB, so we set the place and time to meet. It was the first MemuahAh Xiyad ever met!!! Xiyad looked so comfy in Wafa's hands.

During this time you could see Xiyad's cheek was still clean and clear. But he had his first yellowish spot on his cheek at this time. I spotted it during our last day at Ganu. At that time I sighed inside my heart "Damn..this gonna gets ugly". And I've predicted, the rash flared up horribly during our cameron trip the next day.

I got a nice box box of chocolate from wafa. They were round with blue..err..sugar ka? on top of them. There were so delicious!!! Serious. Like buying it from the chocolate shop. There were also nuts inside. I don't really know if they were walnuts, peanut or whatever the god beings there were. We ate some on our way back. I even took them to the tennis court later after that and had them to store my energy. (Ate balik dari ganu terus men tenis)

But I mistakenly put them in the car boot!!! Kelam kabut packing all the things into the car and that poor little chocolates were placed inside the scorching boot. When we stopped at the RnR was the only time I realized that. But takpe Wafa...I still ate and finished them till the very last smear of the chocolates!!!


Pocket said…
gula dari chocolate buleh jadi tenaga yek?
hehe, org bersukan lebih mengetahui..
Masy said…
Xiyad mcm ade sesuatu yg ingin disampaikan jeeeee.. hahahaahhahh

tp cekelat tu memang sedap! mohon nak lagiiiii
zonaku said…
xiyad muka pasrah je tu......
HEMY said…
Hahaha..rasanya la bg tenaga. Tu yg ada energy bar coklat org bwk masuk utan

Hahahaha..masy, xiyad terkejut skit "ate sapa plak ni?"

Gambar yg kat wafa nmpk dia comfy..kekeke
Erina Asmawani said…
holoh holoh holoh..nampak tembam Xiyad kat sini ;)