Weekend Outing

New LHDN building Bandar Baru Bangi

Hehehe..the picture has nothing to do with today's entry..ekekeke. The new bulding is just a walking distance from my in-law's house. The rent around here probably around RM700 and above. So those LHDN employee that are going to be relocated here, better start scouting your new house..=)

Well yesterday we went out casually with my SIL that came all away from Kuantan. She was 1hour plus late because she ate lots of langsat...berbakul2 (orang sesat sll kan kata makan langsat). I managed to take a looong nap waiting and at the end we went out after Zuhur.

Mines' escalator has the sticker of "no stroller" allowed all over them. But the lifts are a bit slow. I just use the escalator with Xiyad in the stroller apart of the warning. I assume it's just to ensure any accident by the customers are not gonna be blamed towards the management. Yes..yes..that must be the case. But I was really careful everytime we use the escalator and I can understand why it's a bit dangerous. You really need to carefully estimates the movement of the escalator step where you put the stroller tyres. And you need to shove them timely when it reached down or up. If not you gonna get stuck and people behind you will start stumbling and eventually crashed on your back.

Mines sight-seeing managed to earn Xiyad 2 pairs of clothes. Thanks to Mokcik Teh for buying them for him!! Hehehehe..And then we went to Shah Alam coz my family and my auntie's were coming. We had a blast, we had the aqiqah mutton that was prepared by the gejubus chronies at my hometown.

It was in a way to celebrate Mom's and Nahdan's birthday. However as there wasn't any activity planned after maghrib, and Xiyad looks to be in no state to have any bowling night, we asked permission to leave and went home.

Sunday was Alamanda. Round round looking for new handbag..Hmm..Cembam bought a new handbag and was enjoying her window shopping like someone who had her first time coming to such place. Eekekekeke. "lama tak kuar" katanya. Xiyad couldn't sleep soundly this time. Many times he cried and when we thought he would finally settled down after the 3rd breastfeed and Cembam was continuing her handbag hunt, Xiyad was crying again in my care.

I headed to the Childcare room next to the toilet and changed his diaper. Hmmm...I'm impressed with Alamanda's childcare room. There are 2 rooms with sofa to make the breastfeeding more comfortable and the area outside is quite convenient as well. Xiyad was still crying after I changed his diaper and Cembam came right on time to breastfeed him.

I went to the surau for Zuhur prayer and we headed home around 4P.M. It's kinda hard for Xiyad to sleep during the day, and that's why we bought the cradle at the first place. We solved the problem in a way. But outdoor, it's hard for him to get a sound sleep when he is getting used with the cradle. There are pros and cons...hmmm..


Masy said…
klu dah dibiasakan dgn boyan, memang susah nak tidokan tanpa boyan. awat cek Xiyad asik nanes je ni.. tgk gambo kemain behave lagi. hehehehheh
HEMY said…
Ekekeke..time nangis mana nk dapat amek gambar nye...tak cool la reputasi bakal perentap jantung gadis2...ahahahaa