Rezeki anak & Aqiqah

It was Xiyad's first shot this morning as scheduled. Well, we supposed to bring him on Wednesday at Az-Zahrah, but we wanted to save some money and decided to take it at the regular government clinic near Cembam's school. Like every other morning, Cembam would took care of some house chores while me handled Xiyad and bath him.

There were around 4 parents when we reached the clinic. First was Xiyad's weight-in. He put up 1.3KG after a month and now his weight is 4.3KG. Not bad. Hehehe. And while waiting for our turn and a bit checkup, I was having casual conversion with one of the dad and when the sofa was empty, I just took a nap and doze off for couple of minutes. So sleepy man~~~Ahahaha!!!

Then Cembam woke me up coz it's time for Xiyad's shot. He cried till his forehead turned slightly bluish and his voice reached its highest peak where you got this silence at the end of the shrieking. I managed to picked some rambutan after I asked to have some from the nurse. Then the nurse advised us to consult a doctor for body check-up. The clinic doesn't have its own doctor and if we wanna meet one, we have to go to the other clinic and it needs to be on Wednesday. Hmm..I've already sacrificed half day working so we decided to do the follow up doctor appointment at the private hospital.

We arrived home at 1.30P.M. Not sure why I should ask the doc to check my boy when what he did was just tapping on his belly which I always do and got charged RM36. Haishhh..But can't help huh? Later if something happen to the kid you gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

This month's salary comes with a little more figure than the usual month. There was a townhall meeting held by my company and usually we just decided not to go due to the time is usually during the office hour, the works you have in the office needs to be attended and the really reason why I don't really want to go is the place and it cost me my tennis session most of the time. Ekekeke.

But this time I went there carpooling with my friend. Cut short, we were two from those who came late and we didn't get any coupon for lucky draw. Then one of the first agenda was 5year-award. And I spontaneously said to my friend "Damn...5 year service award. Just another 1 month for mine babe!!! Damn". But then my friend said "isn't that your name?" while pointing at the screen.

Ahahahahaha!!! My name was there. Memang rezeki anak lah orang kata. I really wanna buy new handphone but the lawyer fee needs to come first..Huwaaaa~~~

Hahahaa..Yep that was me!!!

So at that moment I really believe the wisdom saying that a new addition to your family, a child would bring more sustenance to your life =) (anak ni bawa rezeki). I was really trying to find my way out of the other 8K that needs to be paid for the lawyer fee when I could probably just get 5K. So this is the 3K for it. A 5-year service award worth 3K. Thanks Allah.

So, simpan lah till the time the lawyer asked for the payment. But I took a portion out of it for Xiyad's aqiqah. Thanks to Acik, my SIL that donates a portion of the qurban cow during the Raya Haji for Xiyad. So I just need another portion or a goat for Xiyad. Mom already confirmed that last night, the goat has already been slaughtered and donated to the villagers. They held a small kenduri, err aku pun tak tau what kind of kenduri, was it mine ke apa coz I said to Mom just donate to whoever holds a kenduri. Xiyad dah wat Aqiqah dah. Alhamdulillah~~~


Pocket said…
good good,
adik pocket sampai umur 13 tak buat buat..

sleepy? hehehe, having a baby in the house does that to you, the best part is... even though he was not yours also u'll be awake by the 'midnight calls' heheheh

nama kamu? ohh.. hooh hooh!! congrats bro..
what is it with the grouping?
aim-a said…
alhamdulillah!! dan tahniah!!! post the latest xiyad's pic please!! :D
zella y said…
mana gambar xiyad nyer lagi...nk tgk!! ;)
Masy said…
nampak beno banggenye mike kat ateh pentas tu yob! hahahahaaa tahniah tahniah!!

betul la kan rejeki anak. kene le aku beranak sekarang. eh? hehehe
Masy said…
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syah shah said…
kakak masy excited lebey double post... haha~ :P

rezeki anak laa tu, alhamdulillah... :D
HEMY said… kalu bukan anak sendiri leh wat dono je tangisan malam2 tu..ahahaha

aima, haah kan lama tak letak gambar baru Xiyad..sat gi la aku letak

err...ayat ko tu, ko nak anak hasil aku ke?bwahahahahahahaha

syahshah, tu le pasal..alhamdulillah
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
3K before tolak tax..dah tolak dpt 2K++ jer...pape pun alhamdulillah rezeki kita,namaku pun ada ekekekek siap xnak pegi bagi alasan workload sekali tgk ada nama sendiri lak hihihihi
zonaku said…
yes.. that was you. somehow as expected, ko mesti over!
congrats! rezeki dari Allah kan... alhamdulillah.
HEMY said…
fiza..tulah...takpela lepas duit kambing sekor..lagipun dia tolak byk kwsp satgi aku nk kuarkan gak..hehe

zonaku..rezeki ada yg datang bukan dari Allah ke?ekekekeke