Nice support for your phone

I bought a new 3gs 2 weeks ago. It was not advisable by my friend but due to the dire situation caused by my wrong judgement the week before, we really have this strong urge to buy our iphone asap.

So cut the story short, we bought a 3gs there and it is original, but it's an AP set or refurbish set. It works really fine but then we couldn't get the phone signal anymore. Bu its not bcoz of the phone. It was cause by the small sim stuck inside. So we brought it back to the store while fetching my 4S. They replaced it with a new set. This time they didnt jailbreak it 4 us like the first one. So no game installed at all inside

The only thing was that the phonr was actually already jailbroke. I noticed the cydia (jailbreak software) inside. But its already corrupted. So i tried to rejailbreak 4 2 nights (i didnt know anything to begin with). I successfully did it!! But the phone was locked..:(. Cemba managed to install lots of games app but cant use it for normal phone.

I tried again for nights to unlock but i read through lots of articles n guide first coz i dont want it to end up as a bricked phone ( term for unoperable phone). And the only thing to do it, well with the resource available free in the net is by using an approach that is a bit risky.

At the end i decided to just go to the shop as i still have a-year warranty. Its just that it will cost me a bit la to ask them rejailbreak it 4 me. I recited something to let everything went smooth, no quarrel or something like that. But really, the guy welcomed me nicely, checked the phone n it was unlocked within minutes.

I ask him about the unlock n he said somethg promising to be expect from a normal salesman.. But he put a chair for me while on the phone, bought me an ice tea from oldtown for waiting and continue with the phone check. I asked him to jailbreak n install games la as alang-alang it will cost me still :).

Of coz i am still being charged. What do u expect?? But by having me coming 3 times n still maintain professional gregarious attitude is a nice plus to the customers right? Thr feeling "oh he cares" is a feeling u would look 4 when u go for complaining though.

Hence i'd recommend this shop. It's located at the Mines, 4th floor. I dont what the shop name is. But if u come from the escalator in front of the cinema entrance, the shop will be the first one u will spot on ur right with the signboard "iPhone [S] sales & repairs". Bear in mind they are normal salesman trying to sell their products. They might hide something from U so that's up to U to ask the truth for the rest for better selection of a product. I just share the plus side of this shop :)


Pocket said…
buying an android phone and twitching it till its 'bricked' is totally a waste of money and time too as u're trying to re-do the damage done.

i heard about all this,
its seems so hard!
MyBrother is using those HTC
phone and wow i think its amazing!
and to be able to use it would be amazing to:D have to know a bit of this and that about computer too.

a good thing u got your iphone fixed bro:D
HEMY said…
But the bad thing was that i got charged rm130 with a solution that i've already knew but hold it first thinking to let the shop with a different approach:(

If i had known, i wud rather save the 130 n do it myself