The Name

Xiyad means Kelebihan-kelebihan. It's a jamak word for Zaid. 
Asytar means Charming, memikat, menawan and all other words that define it.

So when I chose to name my son Xiyad Asytar, I was hoping it would mean that he would grow up to be a person with lots of talents, gifts, abilities that will attract others. Captivate them. I pray that he would become someone with captivating talents that could be of use for many things, helps many people and do many great things!!

That is my Xiyad Asytar D. Captivating Talents

It's true that the original intention was to named him Hasuna Asytar or Asytar Hasuna which means charmingly goodlooking. But lots of people see and feel that the name Hasuna is somewhat girly. So I kept the Asytar and finding up a couple more options to match it with. I like a single, just Asytar maybe. But if it happens that he doesn't really assimilate (rasi) with the name like some occasions that we've heard kan, at least he has another name to be called.

And while looking I was really stick to the idea of having an X as the first initial and after browsing through the Z names, I picked Xiyad =). Asytar Xiyad doesnt sound that nice plus the X is not highlighted though. So this is the history of my son's name. It was not randomly picked up or just creatively wanna make him being called by a fancy way. It was well thought =).

When we made appointment with the child specialist last weekend, after a while waiting a nurse emerged out of the room and was calling a name. Not many of patients left at that time and the others scattered all over the provided seats were those who already done with their business and just waiting for something.

So this nurse called "Adik Asitarrrr~~~~~~". What I heard was "Adik Asitariiiiii". Then there was just a silence. I was looking at Cembam and we started giggling. 

"Nama anak kita ke? Aku dengar macam nama makcik je haa..Asitari"
"Ekekeke..ntah", Cembam was giggling

Then the nurse walked towards the counter 3-feet away from her and asked the other nurse slowly but still could be heard by us

"Eh..X.I.Y.A.D tu ziyad la kan? ke Siyad?"

We both were giggling. Cembam giggle could be heard by the nurse even..Ahahahaha!!!! Then when the nurse was right in front of us I showed him my son as a signal "dia ke?". And then she was gesturing "nama sapa?" by pointing her finger slowly at my son.

"Xiyad Asytar"

"Haaa..yelah..yelah", and we were asked to come into the room. Even the doctor was asking who gave the name and proposed something jokingly;

"nape tak letak Asytar Xiyad. Baru la dok depan. Ni X kena dok belakang ni"
"Dok belakang senang tiru time periksa", aku jawab

Ahahahahahahaha!!!! Adeh Xiyad. Is it that hard to say your name. It's just a simple common name je. I just creatively replace Z with X. That's all. I think the nurse was assuming "Asitari" is because of the 'Y'. Well I did have a thought about it. If I use 'H' instead..kang orang ejek dia abu jalan tar..Ash=abu kan? Ahahahaha!!!

"dok tahang nak ssuke" kata bini aku lepas abeh check up tu.


Masy said…
ashtar = abu jalan tar? hahahaahh!!

Y tu mmg akan selalu mengkempiuskan org. cam korang laa panggil aku Masi Masi. Masy laa.. sama cam nama Xiyad tu sebut Asytar.
k.e.r.i. said…
nasib baik nurse tu tak panggil "adik Aishiteru~"
HEMY said…
masy...laaa..selama ni nk panggil mash ke??bwahahahahahahaha..ok ok aku try panggil mashhhhh

keri..lagu OST anak aku mmg aishiteru..kalau aku pndai main gitar aku dh wat lirik n main letak youtube..ahahaha
Pocket said…
ziyad asytar
memang sedap beb nama tu,
pocket pung terasa cam nak tiru :D

tp surely orang panggil dia ngan first name dia tu nanti,
n kalau dia gi jepun..
'ashita' tu maksudnyer 'besok'
Erina Asmawani said…
lepas ni panggil kak masy kak mashimaro la..hehehe

xiyad asytar..maksud dia mmg best! tapi kalo tulisan jawi..x tu jadi dzai la kan?ke ade huruf x bahasa jawi? err..
HEMY said…
pocket...hehehhee..baik aisyiteru terus..kekekeke

erina..haah..dia jadi zai.ya.alif.dal alif.syim.ta.alif.rha