Friday random update

Huhu...yesterday's working hours was truly coolldddd~~~ I had to put myself on mute during meetings whenever I was not necessarily needed to speak so the other participants would not hear the chattering of my teeth.

Thanks to the oversize t-shirt that I borrowed from my friend, I didn't die of shivering yesterday. Thank you bro~~ And yes my phone cover is pink..lalalaala~~~ I look sexy with that pink phone ain't I? And yes I've just recently cut my hair like that...ahahahaha!!!~~~

Xiyad Asytar and I

If I'm not mistaken today Cembam is officially ending her 44days pantang. A good timing as a Monday-holiday is waiting so I would have extra 1 day to spend at my hometown and we are planning to visit my grandma. She hasn't see Xiyad yet and if all goes well, we might also meet up with my auntie that lives in Kelantan. The last time I saw her was during my engagement day.


**Ok sambung. Baru lepas tukar lampin itu budak dan bedung**

Xiyad's cukur jambul will be held on Dec 24th. Aqiqah has already been done for him. We donated the mutton to the villagers by having a small tahlil at the surau. So the Cukur jambul event would just be a simple one with marhaban like the one done for Nureen last few months.


Air Asia promo is currently a hot topic and many people would surely stay up in the middle of the night to grab the seats with the best deal. Well, Bali would be on 6-9th September if I'm not mistaken. I really wanna buy tickets to Ausie to pay a visit to my sister. She already told us before hand that next year raya she wouldn't be able to come as Abang Osman is currently studying to get a certificate or something like that to get a better career opportunity in the future.

So the financial flow is hugely impacted. But the best thing about Ausie is that the government will give you money if you are not working, menganggur and Kak Wa get some bonus money for having a baby. Alhamdulillah. Everyone will be blessed with their own sustenance right?


Pocket said…
terangnya gambar :D
majlis bercukur kan..
pocket actually never attended one.
Bit Xamri said…
Serius... cantik gila gmbar... :)
comel nye xiyad..!!!
zonaku said…
mmg tggu lepas pantang eh?
sara dah setel dah... n rambut dia dah makin lebah sekarang ni..
Masy said…
zona, rambut dihinggapi lebah ye. hehehehehehe

syoklah ade kakak kt sana, leh bawak jalan2. hehehe