Despite of the bitter experience...

Wow...been days without new entries. I dont know man. When I was on my company PC, there's a feeling where your mood to blog has just been ripped out of your soul abruptly. Maybe I dont want to have any excuse that can be used if...just IF something bad happen to this project of mine.

I got some feedback of the report that I emailed to the business analyst and they are lots of comments that I need to pay attention to them and I felt nervous and terrified to one extend. But when I tried to do and catch things up 1 by 1, I managed to shove those puny feeling away and thought to myself "I still got this". This weekdays are gonna be challenging as I'm approaching my dateline this Friday.

This past 2 weeks, I've been trying to get my hand on 1 of the smartphone. I've used my previous Sony W810i for 6 years and I do think it's time to upgrade as it's battery life is already so messed up, and most of the time I would just carrying a dead phone for the rest of the day.

But being me, since I was a child, whenever I wanted to have something significant in my life, it had never been easy. I wanted to get into my standard one when I was 7, I was late to register and Mom had to make a huge fuss to get me into the school. When I was trying to transfer school, I lost all the document in the bag that has been stolen. Every single things. But after 2 days, somebody found the bag. But I've already got a hugeee penampar from my Dad.

When I was at my matriculation college, I was about to finish my study..I was caught up with 'curik line' problem. I only used it once to call my teacher but I was being summoned with the rest of the people who have been using the line for hundreds of hours =(.

When I was in my final year presenting for my final year project, I forgot to prepare the slide show presentation and the system that were to be presented was not running as it should. Got scolded for wasting the prof's time and had to reschedule.

The tests were sometimes felt too great but there was always a shade of light at the end of the tunnel for each and every single occasions. For example, due to not preparing the slide point of my final project presentation, I had to reschedule the time but the best part was that my prof couldn't attend it and only the tutor was attending my session. He knew nothing at all, no question and I just got A- for it!!!

So the same goes to my journey of having my own smartphone, I did some stupid decision, reckless choice and ended up losing money for something so fucked up!!! But at the end of the process, I got what I want even at a higher cost. I just hope it worth the trial~~ =)

I pray that this phone would last at least another 5 years...Is it even possible?


masyita4180 said…
klu jaga elok2 pehtu tak gile gadjet sangat, bole kot.
Pocket said…
pocket nyer komen tak masuk.
skali lagi,

5 tahun?
obselete kot OS nye by 2016.

pelempang? mcm paham gak.
zaman tu org pentingkan hardcopy.
zaman skrg pun, tp atleast ada la dlm system kan.

wish u all the bes dlm bisnes yg kna bg proposal bagai tu. nanti bleh pojcket tumpang keja heh
HEMY said…
tulah...tahan 5 tahun kira nice dh tu

huhuhu...ada ura2 kena sedut utk projek strusnya plak...ahahaha...untung sambut timbul kata orang