Too many lies would hurt when you r actually telling the truth

I'm still thinking whether to go to the office after lunch or just spend the whole day working from home. Hmmm..But today I could see how things are at home during my working day with Asytar. He really is giving a hard time to Cembam. Ye lah, after he's full, he would or he might doze off. But sekejap sangat. If Cembam is in the middle of something, berak ke, mandi ke...she wont manage to finish..dh meraung that little Xiyad Asytar.

Just now when he was crying like that I tried tukar lampin cam OK plak diam. But then nangis lagi. Even sometimes after breastfed taknak tido. Tak tido senyap takpe...Ni keep on crying la plak. Huhuhuhu~~~ Cek kembung pn sudah, macam OK. Haishh...Satu hal plak la Ayah and Mak nk try to understand what you really need =p.

Xiyad Asytar

paaa la ayah ngan mak ni..takkan sy nak cakap "eiii..tak kuasa ada taik kat bontot..lap please.." sbb sy takleh ckp nangis je laa...hahahahahaha!!!

Ni ni aku confuse and concern skit. Yelah, dalam berita just now ada citer pasal Balai Polis ilang duit? Wow?? Dah macam hollywood film ni. I'm imagining a conspiracy like one of the film say 

"the richest place after bank is the compound lot"

And in the news they denied that the loss is USD30K as being rumored but just RM11,700. Ok, actually I'm not really wanna talk about this but more on "the quality of the news".

Well, we all know the news here in Malaysia are always twisted especially those related to politic. And everything reported in the news usually are those that have been politicized and surely enough that they are always one-sided. So ugly but that's the truth.
So my concern is, IF for example there's a true story of Anwar or Mat Sabu or any opposition leads that are so corrupted or so evil and being reported in the news, do you think the people would believe them? Especially those who are siding with the opposition??

I mean really...please...can the news be more dignified and more truthful? Whenever any news aired in TV3 about corruption, riot or whatever which usually focusing on the states hold by the oppositions, I really really want to believe any of it. I really wanna believe that "Oh, PKR ni pn wat keje tak betol sangat..hmm..nak kena cek n nilai ni". But usually when we go to the relevant websites, there are always explanations from their side and I will always get the image "alaa..berita twist citer lagi".

So I really afraid!!! Really really afraid if kalau mmg ada very evil or twisted or corrupted people in the oppositions that keep being reported for their evildoing (and most of it lebih pada fitnah or one-sided story), but out there the people will keep saying "tipu punya berita".

If kalau betul Anwar lepas ni kantoi gay and sodom someone. Or take a bizarre example, you!! Yes you!!! One day balik keje terserempak with Anwar ke kan, lepak2 balik umah kena sontot!! Then you reported to the police and masuk berita pung pang sana sini!!! Do you think people will believe you???

Kompem orang kata ko kambing itam BN lah apa lah!! Why? Sebab dh terlalu kerap fitnah and berita yang tipu and one-sided that we have been fed until to the extend we don't believe almost anything!! Tu if related to opposition. Kalau yg memang Gomen related. You kena pukul ke dengan Pak Menteri, kompem kena cover cerita. 

Im not siding to any sides, I just hope you readers can understand my concern. Too many lies would hurt when you are actually telling the truth!!!


jedi said…
baby mmg banyak ragam skit...anak ku pun sama...tapi hepi setiap kalo melihat mata anak
Bit Xamri said…
Yup! agreed..
Xiyad Asytar nak tgk cartoon kot.! hehe sbb tu nangis2..hehe
zella y said…
baby lelaki org ckp mmg mcm tu...
Masy said…
berita skrg pun dah mcm drama, ntah mana yg betul tah. hahahahhha

baik layan drama si Xiyad, dah sah2 betul. hehe