There's always 'bad wind' blowing whether you do the bad thing or the good thing

Satruday is passing by the way that I didn't actually plan it would. But you can never stop the time huh? My Mom came last night to see her 2nd grandson for the 2nd time.'s always a magical moment everytime Mom handles her grandchild. Xiyad or Nahdan would surely just quiet and make some gestures without a bit of a cry at all. Even thigs that usually made them cry, but when they are handled by my Mom, they are like so happy to be handled by their grandma =)

I was so sleepy today right after Mom and my sis leaved our house I took a nap till 12 noon and hurriedly went to Amer Restaurant to buy us lunch. Hehehe. But I just bought a fairly adequate portion of lunch coz I really wanna cook those 'barang basah' that I bought last Wednesday. Plus, I can save a bit money.

Well, I've been sharing lots of my own green-experience as a new father here in my blog. But I just want to make 1 thing straight ok!! I'm not sharing it here to show you how great of a father I am (well if that's what you feel by reading my entries) or how saint of a husband I am. I shared merely because I love putting up a digital journal which in most occasions proven useful in the future. I just simply share it here because that is what a blogger like me would do and maybe a tiny little speck of aspiration would spark inside of you, my readers from them. Maybe when you read them you might think, "oh boleh je tunggu wife dlm labour room" or "ooo..Uri tu tkyah la nak cucuk pensel or wat macam orang2 tua kata".

Got my point? Things I've shared might be useful to others but if to some others it sounds like bragging or whatever it seems to be, then there's no obligation for you to read and finish them at the first place aren't there? Why bother reading?

Almost a month being a father, I learned and I heard types of fathers out there. I personally grew up looking on how my mother would raise my brothers and sisters with a very little 'touch' from my father. He has his own way in pouring his love towards us. And surely he was not the one who changed diapers for my sisters and brothers. Maybe that is the very reason why I have more experience in handling babies because to compensate what Abah lack, somehow Mom managed to nurture the way of loving a baby and how to handle them to us.

I learned that my FIL was also the same as my Abah. And throughout chatting with my friends, it's pretty common for a father not really waking up in the middle of the night to assist their wives on the crying babies. It's common.

For me, its really simple. I love kids especially little babies. I can stare at them sleeping while lying on my chest coz I love to see the faces that they make during their sleep. That muncung, terkebil2, that yawning and etc. I just love them. But then some would say that you can't be separated by your child. And it's being assumed as the main reason why I fetched back my wife and my son without too soon.

In the other hand, when I said that I wanna play tennis and gonna be home late, then some other people would say "anak kecik pn nak main gak..takleh tinggal" and the way they said that macam I don't give a damn at all, lepas tangan about my kid. You see, when you really care about your kid, they might say "takleh berenggang langsung". And when you just wanna play tennis till 10P.M and got home a bit late they will say you dont really care or help your wife. And when you care a lot and share it in a blog they say you just wanna brag.


You can't really satisfy everyone can you? But it's really common. Even when I said I still wanna play tennis last night to Cembam when my Mom planned to come, she even said "takleh tinggal tennis dia". It pissed me a bit and I replied "macam la balik umah tu aku terus tido tak tgok langsung anak tu. Balik nanti aku gak yang urus kan? Aku gak la yg pat dia tgh2 malam tiapkali dia wekkk..aku gak tukar lampin". Biasala bertekak laki bini in marriage.

But my point is, I know that during night my son will sleep really easy. It's not like during the day. So it doesn't do any harm to play during the night and got home later. My Mom pn kata "dok main gak ada anak kecik". The thing is, even anak tu 2-3 years it's gonna be the same. Trust me. The word "tinggal anak" will always appear no matter what the reason is.

But fortunately so far Cembam is being so understanding and it's the greatest bond of our marriage. Cembam texted me last night "ok..balik kul 9 tau" not because of Xiyad but because it's a bit awkward my mom came but I was not at home. But I decided to come in the end.

To sum up, whatever la people said the most important thing is that your partner understand you. So when people said things about you, your partner would be the one backing you up because he/she knows you better. And you out there should always look to your partner's contribution everytime you spot their lacks. Your husband might be a kaki bola keluar tgok bola kat Mamak, but maybe bila balik he's the one doing the chores to compensate that bola time.

You should know your partner better


Masy said…
toleransi gitu.. hehehe

(saje bagi komen pendek)
Erina Asmawani said…
ohh..entry yg sgt comeyy! suka aku baca ;) yg penting kita sendiri yg kena paham partner kita..bukan org luar.
HEMY said…
sesama partner kena sentiasa jaga aib and backup...=)