Pantang Ganu

The strong wind is blowing into our 6th floor apartment while the astro is airing Indonesian soap opera, an afternoon routine of Cembam. Xiyad Asytar is sleeping back after his breastfeed session with both of his hands pointing upwards next to his ears looking like a body builder showing off his excessively built biceps.

Yesterday was Cembam's last session of her massage and for 3 days session, we paid RM240. It appears that this masseurs has her own 3-storeys rented building to accommodate her nursery and massage business. So the service charge is quite standard - RM80 per day. But we don't really know any other nenek or makcik who knows about 'urut peranakan', hence the most important thing is to have Cembam massaged.

Our flight to ganu was 8P.M. Some of the luggage like the baby's stuffs, the laptops and some of the camera gear have already been packed and brought to Terengganu by car one day earlier. Thanks to my SIL for driving them home. So we only have a handbag, my camera bag but filled with bottles of toiletries, napkins and etc. I only have my camera with me coz I thought I wanna take picture of Cembam ans Xiyad at the airport.

At around 6P.M, Cik Ngah whom agreed to lend her help to drive us to LCCT arrived and it was drizzling journey towards there. 50 minutes, we arrived and we walked straight to the counter to register Xiyad. The counter staff asked us to proceed to luggage counter and to cut short, after 30 minutes of system issue bla bla bla we had all the tickets.

Xiyad Asytar

While waiting for our flight, Xiyad berak and started to cry of hunger. Damn~~~ It's another 10 minutes and that was not a sufficient time for Xiyad to breastfeed plus the to change the diapers. I went to the gate counter and asked if the flight is delayed and yep it was. From 8 to 8.30P.M. So I hurriedly changed Xiyad's diapers in the surau and after finished I gave him to Cembam asking her to breastfeed her in the surau while me waiting outside.

When the announcement was made that our flight was ready, I asked a cute awek to tell Cembam that we need to move now. Thanks to the sweet awek ya..(my phone was with Cembam). At the gate the staff asked us how old Xiyad was. I answered 10 when Xiyad was barely 9 not knowing the staff was actually so committed to check the age based on the birth certificate. She kept on counting with her fingers "26,27,28..." and Cembam just cut her count by asking back our ICs. Ekekeke.

Cembam said her fellow teacher brought her 2-day old son in flight but I checked in the website that infant must be at least 9-day old. Hahaha. But anyway everything went smoothly. A couple of married couple offered to change seats with nice.thanks. Waiting for the take-off was like forever!! From sleeping like a rock, Xiyad has already opened his eyes. We decided to breastfeed him again along the journey. Alhamdulillah Xiyad didn't cry along the journey.

My in-law parents have already been waiting for more than 30 minutes. Praise to Allah, we safely arrived and Xiyad has just had a bath with his Tok (Grandma) and sleeping now after being breastfed while struggling to let loose of his bedung every now and then. Ekekekeke.

Huwaaa..pejam celik nanti, it will be time for me to get back to KL. Sedey laa separated for a month plak with Xiyad. Huwaaa..But I've already told Cembam that if I miss him so much and my mom volunteered her time to look after Xiyad and Cembam during the remaining days of the pantang, I'm gonna bring them back!!! Ahahahahaah!!!

Wanna post pictures but the transfer cable tinggal!! And the camera is out of battery and the charger pun tinggal!!! Ahahahahaah!!!!


syah shah said…
merasalaa ko terkulat-kulat je nak amek gambo tapi kamera tadek bateri tapi charger tetinggal macam haku dulu... heheheheh :P :P

aku baca dlm airasia dulu baby atleast 2 days old je? dah tukar eh?
Masy said…
mesti rindu nanti ni hehehhhe
HEMY said…
syahshah : tu le...rasa mcm dh tukar la..oo mmg dulu ko tgok 2 hari eh? cembam dok dengar org citer kat web 9 hari. mujur lepas

Masy, itule pasal...huwaaaaa....kalu rindu baby ku jumpa baby len leh?ahahahaah
zella y said…
msti rindu giler kan??

same mcm adik aku....aku br dpt anak buah sulong...mean adik aku br dapat minggu lps...rindu giler dia kat anak dia...wife dia berpantang kat umah parent dia kedah...
Anonymous said…
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Masy said…
jumpe aku ke? bole jee hahahahah
Erina Asmawani said…
ala..xiyad dah kat ganu ke? lambat lagi la nak jumpa dia ni..

aku pun tgh risau2 ni sebabnya nanti kemungkinan kena berpantang dekat Muar. Uhukkk..jauh