My first stressful day ever

OMA..I'm so sleepy. Last night routine was a bit messed simply because I watched football final between Indonesia and Malaysia till the last penalty kick like most of you did and the next thing you know, it's already 12A.M!! 

I put Xiyad into bed and he was already wearing his diaper for 4 hours. (We keep track on hours of using coz we dont want Xiyad wearing the same diaper for too long). In the middle of the night he shrieked and cried for milk. Usually I would change the diapers first but I was sooo sleepy last night. When Cembam patted me to change his diapers, I just said "ngantuk" and luckily after breastfed, Xiyad back to sleep.

But U know when your mind was set "alaa..anak tak tukar lagi lampin", your sleep was a bit messed. Your subconscious keep telling you to wake up everytime I heard Xiyad's voice and after a couple of pejam-celik, at 5A.M Xiyad was crying. But a soft one. I felt totally awake, ON the light and started to change his diaper.

Hahaha!! It's supposed to be a quick one but Xiyad likes to poo and pee when he feels so comfortable with dried butt. So when I was about to finish changing "ZUSSSSSS!!!" A sprinkle came out of nowhere!! I had to block it with my palm. Then "PREEETTTT" a bubbly yellow poo was coming out and you need to hurriedly wipe it with the toilet tissue. Ahahaha!! Mana tak cerah mata aku!!

When I thought Xiyad had really finish his business, then I changed his diaper and gave him to Cembam to be breastfed. Only then I could sleep solidly. Hehehe. Ragam being a Dad~~~

Actually last weekend, Xiyad and Cembam were already going out of the house to join my family attending my uncle's wedding ceremony. Well I mean kenduri anak dia la. It was in Malacca and the original plan was to let Cembam and Xiyad by themselves was quickly changed when Mom said "tak bawak ke?" - green light. Then I asked Cembam if she wanted to follow and she said OK.

We just have to put the mattress, preferably a thick one on your backseat. It's quite big so Cembam can also sit on it (Cembam pn kena jaga juga) and Xiyad is lied down all the way. Abah co-driver. The best part is that Xiyad really enjoys sleeping in the car. Maybe that rocky feeling macam didodoi kan. Perhaps it's time for cradle. Who knows.

So when we arrived at our uncle's, we were under the limelight. Everyone was asking "eh..dah ada anak kecik diam2 ko. Berapa bulan?". And when I answered "26 hari", everyone was expressing all kinds of responds. "Memang rock..mak bapak moden. Kalau orang2 tua dh kena marah ko". Hahahaha!!!!

I had to answer the same to couple more people before entering the house and put Xiyad in the livingroom under the fan. And alhamdulillah he didn't cry and just moving his legs and hands like always. Cembam took the turn to eat first. When the bride and groom has arrived, took some pictures, then we asked for ourselves (minta diri) coz we wanted to go to my friend's wedding at Muar.

Abah knows this friend of mine and he volunteered to tag along. So we headed to Muar even with all those crooked one-lane road before emerging into the highway. The map from the FB card was on my hand and just 15 minutes of using it I've already knew that the map is so screwed up.

I drove by instinct, entered the Muar city, emerged out and still lost. I improvised my navigation skill and managed to sort out the puzzle of the map. Only that now, the traffic lights are not as mentioned in the map. I tried to call my friend (i've already advised him to switch on his HP, always carry it or just let somebody holds it and he said OK), but I couldn't reach any of his numbers.

We've been wandering for almost 2 hours. I tried to call my friend's brother (stated in the card), no one picked up. I called the house number, someone picked up and said I was in the correct road, just need to take a U-turn and find Jalan Bakri. To no avail, no sign of Bakri I asked the petrol pump and she said I'm still on the correct direction and advised me to drive straight ahead and the signboard would be there.

I managed to find the Bakri signboard, followed back the map but still no luck. After almost 2 hours, we are so tired, bayang la bawak wife dalam pantang plak lagi, bawak my dad just to attend semangat ni kena la try my best to find. Dah sampai Muar pun. But finally I really gave up after I couldn't reach anyone anymore and left Muar towards Malacca. I texted my friend and looking for Mamak Restaurant. I wanna change Xiyad's diaper and had a nice hot roti canai and teh tarik.

But I couldn't find any, even malay restaurant on our way. Reaching Bandaraya Malacca, we spotted some restaurants but they were all closed. Mamak tutup??What the hell!!! Then, it was one of my veryyyyy rare stressful day, I took a turn into Jusco Malacca coz we didn't really know where to go.

Cembam and dad waiting at one of the table with Xiyad on it and I went to buy the drinks and some bread. Fart!!! The drink service/counter was sooo slow!!! And air tak sedap!! Fart you!!! Hot drinks are sold in a different counters!!! Had to queue again!!! And the one making the drinks had to wash the mugs first while us waiting. Fart you!!!

Memang I think the first time kot I feel how a STRESS was!!! After sembahyang while Cembam changed Xiyad's diaper in the car (tak jumpa tempat tukar lampin. the proper one tu), we left Malacca heading back to KL. Really stress weh. Sleepy drive and rasa macam tak sampai2!!!! I was cursing all the way but slow enough so Xiyad wont hear them. =p. first stressful day indeed!!


Masy said…
bila tang mencari pastu x jumpe2 tu mmg jadi ibu stress. yg lain tu jadi tukang tambah je. grrrrrrr

sabo Xiyad.. eh eh
HEMY said…
mujur la XIyad suke tido dlm keta..mmg kan..sesat jalan ni ibu segala kestressan
Pocket said…
sabo bro, sabo. pocket kalau stress suara akan jd perlahan. bgs gak pasal carutan xdidengari.
zonaku said…
kalau xiyad sakan menangis, lagi ko stress!
HEMY said…
zonaku..xiyad nangis aku cium dia byk2 lama2..dia terkedu..senyap..then nangis aku ulang je la cium tu..ahahahaha

pocket, ekekeke...dia cmpur ngntuk drive tk smpi2 tu lagi stress