Milk time


Seriously I don't really have time to blog this week. This new project is a feasibility study that requires me to analyze the given issues from every perspective so that our report would cover almost every inches of the scenarios and a vast choices of possible solution. Hmmm..

That's for this week's office life~~

Xiyad? Yeah..Xiyad is a-month today!!! Yeay!! He's been getting longer, growing but his body doesn't change much. Slim like his dad. His cheeks are fluffier and he needs milk more and more. Last night I really really had to try giving him formula milk. My Mom has been advising me to give him bottle milk but I really want Xiyad to breastfeed as long as he could.

But I pity Cembam coz everytime after 40minutes breastfeeding session and he was dozing off, but when Cembam put him on the bed, less than 30 minutes he would open his eyes, moving here and there and starts crying again. And we rub our fingers under his lips, he gave us the sign that he needs milk. He's thirsty.

So Cembam has been breastfeeding him so frequent. Cembam is OK with it but it just limiting her movement. We agreed to keep breastfeeding him but if Cembam exhausted by doing so, then we would add a formula milk into his meal plan.

Last night when Cembam was taking bath, Xiyad was crying non-stop, I decided to prepare the formula milk. I know that formula milk is richer in taste unlike Mom's body milk. So I put just little milk powder, less than the prescribed one to imitate the taste hoping Xiyad wont say no to his Mom's milk after tasting it.

Half bottle..he dozed a while but then continued with Cembam breast milk. Hmm..memang kuat minum. So now the plan is to use the formula milk if necessary but we gonna prepare it with less milk powder. I hope it works to ease up the time of breastfeeding but keeping him breastfed as long as it takes=]


Pocket said…
do your own experiment bro,
so dat u can time the feeding time.

less work for cembanm kan.
what about those pump?
not sure bout the 'shelf-life' though
Masy said…
bagus2.. contoh mak apak cerdik jika dibandingkan dgn opismate si Qas yg bg baby dia biskut meri tu. hehe
HEMY said…
Susu ibu kalau dah pam kena simpan freezer and just panaskan je bila nak bagi minum kat anak...

masy..heheehehe..kadang kalau kita main blasah je, pn works gak...