Improve the service rather than your FA outfit please Air Asia!!

When I was riding my bike this morning towards cyberjaya, even in that mamai mode, the flashes of Xiyad crying, shrieking and disturbed by my mustache kept on appearing like a passive slideshow =(.

I guess I need to remind myself that my happy time on leave for almost 2 weeks has just ended and I'm back in this cozy chilling working space trying to catch up things and draft my plan for this 1+ month and deliver things that have been entrusted to me in this new project. Bhasya!!!!

Air Asia - Now everyone can fly!!!

Yep, we need to admit after AA was being introduced to the world, most of us are now have had the experience of flying yah? Cembam sometimes took AA flight going back to Ganu or coming back from there. And most of the time the flight always delayed. So when I was waiting along with the other passengers for our flight to arrive, the clock has already passed the appointed time but the door or the gate remained closed and there was nothing in the LCD screen showing anything about our flight.

And suddenly I got a text message from AA saying my flight was delayed till 11.55P.M. From 9.20P.M to 11.55P.M!!! What the Fart!!! As my in-law's house is just 5 minutes drive from the airport, I asked someone to pick me up again coz I wanted to spend that 2+ hours by Xiyad's side rather than waiting in that cold heartless waiting room.  My FIL fetched me up and I managed to laid by Xiyad singing him selawat shifa' as lullaby while me, myself getting a short nap.

Around 11.10P.M ayah drove me back to the airport. I lose track of time when the plane actually arrived and departed but I arrived at LCCT around 1A.M. I walked to the taxi counter and asked for the rate to BB Bangi. She said RM96.30!!! OMA!! Late night, what do you expect huh? I tried to ask if they can altered the receipt to a morning receipt so I could try claim it as part of my travel expenses to my client. Well, I really am taking that late night delayed flight for the sake of getting to work ain't I? I can ask a ride from my aunty that was leaving back to KL this morning but I had to stick to the flight because I want to be at the office in the morning. But unfortunately, after machine and proper system is being implemented..such alteration is a taboo. 

So I burnt my RM88 (after asking at the next counter it was RM88) and took the taxi home. Come on la Air Asia!!!!

First - the flight from ganu or to ganu always delayed. My SIL whom taking the flight every now and then can confess to that. 

Second - The delay was ruining your passengers' travel plan sucker!!! If it was during the daylight we could survive. But late midnight, 1A.M in the morning?? Does your shuttle bus system still working? (the one to Salak Selatan). Well even if we took that shuttle bus, the ERL service is already closed!!! So our options are either stayed for the night in LCCT and continue our travel plan as usual in the mornig..or taking the farting expensive taxi!!

Why won't AirAsia at least be more responsible?? At least a free cup of drink in the flight?? Or you can negotiate with the taxi service in your terminal to give discount rate for the delayed flight. Or stick to daylight rate for those poor delayed passengers. Or this is too much of a request coz it will make you earned less RM30 per head of profit??? Haishhh!!! Fart You!!

Info :
The rate for Taxi from LCCT to BB Bangi or around the same KM is around RM64 and around RM88-100 during the night/midnight. 


~mrs azmi~ said…
last year aku punya flight ke bandung reschedule 2 kali. 11.30am delay to 1.30 yang ni inform 1 hari awal bley terima. sekali on the day kul 1 flight bole delayed to 6.30pm!

memang bole bertukar jadi singa aku time tuh!
HEMY said…
ada dapat air free masa dalam flight??huhuhu
Pocket said…
tak der nyer, yang duduk isle seat,
sila 'das' kaki pramugari yang tak der keja tu, kalau dia bising..
suruh dia komplen kat teknikal.
this is the customer complaining.

apa kata kita bakar jer seat masa tengah dok 'taxi'...
tak der kamera kan dlm tu?
zonaku said…
pocket......... aku scary dah ngan dia ni.... marabahaya punya nawaitu ni.

er... ko forward official complaint kat tony ler.. kot2 dia nak amik inisiatif ker... kot je la ye....
Anonymous said…
shuttle bus ader lagi kul 1am..ko tk check ek...

pastuh aku tuduh flight selalu delay sb derang nak promote org beli insurance..the delayed flight is included in the insurance package
Masy said…
sepak sket pipi AA ni.. hep!!
HEMY said…
pocket...dari das kaki baik das boobs..ahahahahaha

zonaku, nawaitu dia baik..tindakan je kejam..kan yg penting niat..ahahaha

anon, tulah..aku pn terasa nk amek insurance plak pasni

masy, sepak pipi kanan pipi kiri terasa weh