Fountain of Youth

Hee..Now finally I have time for myself when both the mother and the boy are sleeping =p

I'm on leave for this week until after Raya Haji next week. So, I can't share something happened at the Garden office coz I'm not working now or I can't share about the current sale promotion at Mid Valley because I didn't have lunch there can I?

So I guess I wanna write about me being at home taking care of these 2 precious gems of mine lo. Ekekeke. Ok enough with the introduction just to make sure you guys understand that I just have to share something aobut Xiyad Asytar coz I don't have any other options!! Ahahahahaha!!

Xiyad Asytar

I think they call this outfit rompers. This is the only outfit that fits Xiyad nicely. There's a set of 5 pieces, a gift from my best friend Nora. Xiyad looks so small in this outfit.

Xiyad Asytar

Hehehe..the glove and the socks will always be oversize for him. I think after pantang he's gonna be lot bigger and when any of you gonna visit him, he's gonna be totally different. He breastfed even more often now.

Well, after day 6 Xiyad doesn't seem to show any sign of heavy yellow fever. Well the white of his eyes were a bit yellowish but just now the nurse from Az Zahrah whom happened to do part time running her own small massage service came and approved that too. She's giving Cembam after-deliver massage. You know, putting back the 'peranakan', loosen up urat2 and those things.

And up till now, the only reason I changed Xiyad's diapers is because it was full of his poo poo. I won't change it if there's no poo because I couldn't trace any of his urine. I never saw him pee as well. But this morning when the warm water was ready for his bath, and I've took off his clothes leaving his naked body on his opened diaper ready to be thrown away, I purposely say "shi shi" to encourage him taking a leak or poo one last time before entering the bath tub.

Xiyad Asytar

He can sleep on his side now. I think it was encouraged by this very pillow. He would be sliding more and more and the next thing you know.....

Xiyad Asytar

..he's already ran out of pillow space under his head..ekekekeke. It's like Dato' CT's cindai lyric "berbantal lengan tidur ku". Ekekekeke

And there he goes!!! Suddenly a high fountain appeared out of nowhere!! Cembam was like..ahh..ahhh..Most of it went onto my hand but some was sprinkled here and there. I sniffed it and there was no smell at all. As we couldn't really trace every single drop of it, I asked Cembam to sprayed febreeze all over the place. Ahahahahaha!!! That's what we call - Fountain of Youth!!

Xiyad only woke up once in the middle of the night..but after subuh, he was crying and shrieking. I took him on my lap, singing lullaby to send him into his slumber but he would awoke every now and then. I was so sleepy that I had my siesta until around 11.30A.M. Prepared the hot water for both Cembam and Xiyad. Bathed Xiyad, and then went out to buy lunch for both of us.

A little bit busier now but we are going back to Ganu this Thursday and Cembam will stay there until the end of her pantang. But I've already said to Cembam that if I really miss Xiyad, that pantang period gonna be cut short and I'm gonna bring them home. Hehehe.

Xiyad Asytar

He's already in his 'salin kulit' phase. Old skin was peeling off everywhere of his body. We bought Johnson Baby's oil to take them off properly.

Oh, I wanna share something to all of you who're gonna behaving your baby here in Selangor. When I registered Xiyad at Kajang JPN branch, right after I received his birth certificate I was told to register at a table setup outside of the premise for a scheme which is called "Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor". Well apparently since 2008 (I think when the opposition started to get hold of Selangor right?) this allocation has been setup for Selangorian Babies.

They will give you Rm1500 in a form of long term investment and the money can only be withdrawn when your child is at the age of 14. This is if I hear it correctly. When I asked my sister just now, her son was not registered to such program. So, try to ask the officer there about this program. I really think it's a nice money-for-citizen where you would have something for your kid at least right? But don't ask me what gonna happen if UMNO won Selangor back lo..ahahaha!!

When I was filling up the form in JPN branch, I kept on wanting to write down "Md Yusof" on 'father's name' column coz I was so used to it. It's kinda funny feeling writing your own name in that field though...ekekekeke


Masy said…
stail tdo mcm org beso! hahahahaha
zonaku said…
haah...... tapi pesal semua pic dia x bedung? ke mmg ko x nak bedung dia?

aku berjumpa xiyad di alam maya saja ler gayanya ni.....
Pocket said…
hohooo.. xiyad hensem nyer,
mane gambo sedang berjaga nya bapak oooiiii.. :)

kalau umno amik balik selangor,
abih benda tu dikira tak der terus:D hahahahah. ilang gitu jer..
HEMY said…
zonaku...aku bedung time nk tido..tgn ngn kaki dia tak benti kadang tu dok meronta2 aku kasi lepas..aku kan ayah yg tolerate

pocket, budak time2 camni jarang bukak mata..bukak mata nangis..ahahahahah

itule pasal...dh la umur 14 baru leh bawak kuar..ntah ada ntah idak masa tu