Cradle, stroller and car-seat = 2 pieces of Federer racquet =='

Having a siesta or you might familiar to call it a nap, a doze-off a simple plain 'sleep' is one hard task for my Asytar at this stage. His medium sized not big not sepet would open wide everytime his siesta is disturbed by any clinking sounds of the fry pan or a loud thud coming from outside whenever the neighbours is shutting down their doors. He's sensitive to sound around him and got awake pretty easy.

Somehow we ended up buying him a cradle. The old school version but with its own frame coz we dont have any place to put up a hook for the spring at our place. And we bought him a stroller that comes with its own baby car-seat too. How was it happened? I don't know. It happened too fast, we were looking for a diapers, then we walked upstairs browsing through the variety of strollers and next thing I know, I'm signing down the card credit receipt (==').

But it's worth to see him soundly sleeping in that cradle where we have to put a huge pillow as the base coz we don't want him bending his spine unnaturally. He really clever though. Ngada2 pun ye. He would make a noise like "arkkk", "ehekkkk" after a while to attract us and begging to be bounced ("enjut"). Damn~~

So I advised Cembam not to enjut him that often coz we don't wanna another problem not being able to do house chores due to the need of enjut time every now and then. Plus it would be hard when we are outside or at someone else' house if he can't sleep without a cradle.

Yesterday's try having him inside the stroller while we dining in Rasamas is a success. He could sleep even with occasional disturbance (terkejut2 nak bangun tu in english apa da?) from the little girl who likes to shriek and shout sitting next to us and from the guy who always anxious asking for the waiter every 1 minute and ordered air suam 15 times with his loud voice. Eekekekekeke. But when we were strolling inside Giant, Asytar could not remain in sleep and started to cry. Cembam had to head to the car to breastfeed him.

Well, a new stage of raising my son =].


Mak Su said…
terkejut in english... hihihi. apa ntah... shock shock ker? hahaha

all the best with parenthood :)
HEMY said…
shock mcm tak terjaga2 dr tidur tu...ekekeke

thanks mak su