The chores of the handsome Daddy

Arriving home after work yesterday is like being a vampire which needs to enter his coffin for years of slumber. Not even a sound of a fly could be heard. The fading smell of the flowers bouquet that I received last week is becoming weaker every passing minutes. But I just gonna wait till they all dried up before throwing them away.

At the living room, 2 pieces of (pieces ke?) mattresses that we laid in front of the television to ease Cembam to do her daily activities last week are still there. Xiyad's rubber mattress folded in two (ke into two?) with a colourful polka-dot cover was like projecting a live-view replay of Xiyad lying on moving his hands and legs doing rotations and all kind of shapes. *mode feeling rindu2an*

Doing the chores

Hehehe..this was one of the chores that I handled last week. Folding the dried clothes while Xiyad was on my lap. We tried not to put him on our laps too often coz it might spoil him and it's gonna be troublesome if he keeps on wanting to be treated like that. Well, there's a limit of pampering don't you think =).


It was a bit flustering when the aunties came visiting and they keep praising me saying that I'm such a nice husband and dad for really fond on handling my son.

"Ooo..berahi dok cara anok dia...baguh ar senang mok dia"
"Mujur ayah dia pandai jaga, tu baby dok pandang muka ayah dia je"
"Sayang ngat ayah awak ke awak..tak tinggal langsung dok tepi je"
"kalau camni beranak lagi banyak2 pn takpe. Tengok sampai berapa orang leh dia cara"

Cara in ganu slang means look after, layan and i think lots more meaning.

Well, I guess it's nice and flattering to hear all those praises towards me but to one extend it makes me a bit hesitate to tend my baby in front of them. There's a feeling "macam saja2 nak tunjuk baik" when I just simply wanna sit next to my Xiyad and caressing his head to put him back into his sound nap. Ahahahaha. But I think tu sume perasaan je la kan, heeee...


To be honest yes I have attended my sisters and brothers when they were little. But I didn't actually do the bathing and bedung as far as I remembered. Maybe I did but in a rarely occasion. But I really love attending to them. My sister and I would quarrel among us just to dukung our sister back then. Maybe just because of this fond feeling towards baby makes me just fine dealing with them. But later if suddenly I ran out of this passion confirm I would be teased by some "dulu sayang tak layan plak dah". Ahahaha..

But the best part was when the aunties were watching me changing the diapers, carefully wiped in between the thighs making sure there's not even a fraction of yellowish stain remained before putting on the new one and the uncles came into the room.

"Oh..baru sorang..abah awak 5 orang doh..dok boleh lawan lagi"

Then the aunt voiced out "hmmphh..5 orang tapi dok cara langsung buat gape". Ahahahaha!!!! My FIL is cleverer. He admitted before hand that he didn't do much about the babies back then so he's out of the bullet range. Ekekeeke.


Yep, having a small baby will make you sleepless. In the middle of the night they will suddenly cried because of their diapers, or for milk. So far Alhamdulillah everytime Xiyad awoke, I would be the one attending him. There was one night when Xiyad was crying and Cembam was trying so hard to get up and breastfeed him, I just give Xiyad the water in his bottle which we put dates inside. He sucked it so long and hard and got back to sleep. Ekeekkeke.

Xiyad would woke up at 3A.M and 6A.M. Well that was the last time I checked. Now, Cembam said he would easily woke up crying for milk more often. Their stomach is still so small so they easily get hungry. The breast milk is more 'cair' to compare with the formula milk so it can't hold up as long as the formula milk. So they will keep crying for more every now and then and 'berak' every now and then. Xiyad so rimas with his stained diapers but whenever we changed it to a clean new one, he would feel so comfort and berak lagi..ahahahaha!!!!

Ok, hope you guys don't mind reading about my parenthood life again. I just don't have anything much else to share anyway. Have not been going out for a while now since the last weeks of Cembam's pregnancy.


zella y said…
yela...dah jd parent ni msti byk cerita psl parenthood kan??

aku suka je bc... ;)
HEMY said…
hehe..itule..aku plak dah lama tak kuar mana2 jaga anak ngn mak ni tulis pasal ni je la..
Masy said…
takpelah.. paham tu tengah rindu. tu yg dok cite2 psl Xiyad tu hehehhehe

perimas laa kirenye dia ni. cam anak buah aku dulu, tait seketol je tp kepoh mcm laaaa dah becak dlm pampers tu. haihhhh.. sabo jelah. hahahhah
HEMY said…
masy , tu le pasal..poblem dia bila tukar smpi seminit dia berak dengan sonot nya
Bit Xamri said…
sama mcm ank buah kite, dia kalo kencing je pun dah nangis mintak tukar lampin..perimas...
Xiyad hensem..
it's good utk tulis segala pengalaman baru ni..sok2 leh monitor perkembangan die klu rajin tulis..hehe..=)
HEMY said…
itula..byk guna blog ni..sll nk track balik apa penah jadi..lagi2 kalau kena speed trap datang saman tiba2..tak ingat dah pegi mana
zonaku said…
last pic, dia mmg turun rupa ko......