Better late than never know your talent

When I was a kid, soccer or football was surely an old-time game that I enjoyed so much. I mean, there's not so much options left to play as a kid with your peers though and in a bigger group. Soccer was always the uniting medium.

You can't play 'baling selipar', zero-point, hide and seek, badminton (coz I never had a racquet till I bought it with my own saved money when I was 14) or 'Jadi jadi'. I mean yah you can play them to kill your every evening with your sisters, brothers and the neighboring kids. But if we talk about a GAME, a proper sport, then soccer it was.

When I was 9, during the PE session my teacher asked us to kick the ball and he was the goalkeeper. Most of my friends kicked the ball trying to score as hard as they could. At that time we were like "pergh..terrer nya Cikgu Mokhtar jadi Keeper". Then Cikgu rolled the ball to me and asked me to try. I was getting ready, but then I smirked and said "eh taknak la" and asked my other friend to kick instead. I was malu. And I was not selected as a school player for sure.

When I competed in a 200M running, I didn't really know the spirit of 'competition' and I just ran as I like and even laughing when I looked at my friend on the last lane jumping here and there ouch ouch because the lane had a 'semalu'. Hahaha. And of course, I didn't win the race.

I only got to grasp the real meaning of competition when I entered my 15th year. And slowly I tried to become better in everything I do. I tried to play badminton as best as I could, I learn how to 'lipat gulung' so I could be the school representative and I made it. Years later when I played one evening with an old friend that hadn't see me for 3 years, he was saying "aku dengar ko terrer takraw skang" and he was shocked on how I could 'lipat' the ball. Well I guess he should be shocked because the old me was so aloof tak bertempat and it limited my talent to be polished as it should.

Hahaha..I suddenly wanna talk about this because last night while looking at Xiyad moving his hands and legs tak reti nak diam, zass here and there, I chatted with him on what he gonna play when he grow up?

"Nak main bola sepak ke? Senang ngat bergaduh bola sepak ni, tu ayah tak baper minat tu"

And I talked to him about how I got my very first soccer shoe which costs RM8.50 made by kain, so when you played in the field, even embun pn can make your shoes so wet. And as far as I recalled, my parents didn't buy that for me. I think a friend of mine sedekah to me because he had a new shoes.

Hehehe. Sport is a really great medium to be discipline to know how to be passionate, to be ambitious and you got lots and lots of friends in the process.


jedi said…
aku sampai skang gagal kenalpasti talent aku..ekekekek
Ayman said…
hehe.. Xiyad maen tennis laa.. racket banyak
Pocket said…
'...I tried to play badminton as best as I could, I learn how to 'lipat gulung' so I could be the school representative and I made it...

u meant takraw?

anyway until today i've never found my best talent. i guess i have to look more and more.. hummm
Try Petonque lah pas ni:D
HEMY said…
ahaha...kot dh tua baru tau still ok..ahaha

ayman..tenis kan..prestij skit

pocket..haah..takraw..maybe u've actually found it but u dint realize it. like drawing with excel? hehehe..talent doesnt need to be a big one though
Mak Su said…
maksu mmg tak de bakat sukan, apatah lagi menulis... tetober jer ni... hehehe... find your talent before it's too late :)