Bai'atul Ridhwan and Hudaibiyah Agreement

My beloved son

Awwww~~~~ A nice moment captured by Cembam from one of the shots taken during my last evening with Xiyad before taking my flight. He was like communicating with me while I was trying to put him into sleep with Selawat Shifa' as a lullaby. 

Kecoh la since last night about today's gorgeous date of 11.11.11. Well, it really is a nice date and the fact that it falls on Friday surely gonna make a huge numbers of Tok Kadi out there being called to perform the sacred akad nikah for those loving couples all over the continent. Selamat Menikah to all yah~~

I'm working from home today because after Friday prayer, my company is holding a townhall session where the attendance is a compulsory. My manager approved for me to attend it, well honestly I prefer if he didn't approve it though. Ahahahahaha!!! This time it's gonna be held at MAS academy ke apa at Kelana Jaya.

Last 2 weeks' khutbah was a nice one. Me being one of those who could hardly open my eyes throughout the sermon was easily attracted by the topic that was being preached. It was about Perjanjian Hudaibiyah, the history, the short yet entertaining story of what happened during that day when a group of Muslimin was being obstructed by the Musyrikin from entering Mekkah to perform Hajj.

The khutbah was strengthened by the big slideshow that pointing up the main points of the story and it really was one of the nicest khutbah I've ever listened to. How Osman b. Affan R.A (if I could recall correctly) was sent as a messenger of peace. But due to his lateness of coming back, a rumor said that he was killed by the Musyrikin. During this point, the Musyrikin were so spirited to annihilate the small group of Muslimin who were physically not ready for any fatal contact or war because they were coming as a hajj group.

After hearing the rumor of Osman, Rasulullah under a tree (there's a name of this tree) announced a bai'ah which is called Baiatul Ridwan where they swore under the name of Allah that they will fight to their ends, with their lives on the line to the death of Osman R.A. The scout from Musyrikin heard about this and reported the news to the leader. Just because of this Bai'ah which lifted the spirit of Jihad among those small group of Muslimin, the Musyrikin's cocky confidence at first was ripped apart. They were now starting to fear those small numbers of Muslimin.

So they set a meeting to create a contract which is known as perjanjian hudaibiyah. They informed Rasulullah that Osman was safe and they started to negotiate the terms and conditions of Hudaibiyah Agreement.  To cut short, the terms and rules were a huge disadvantage to the Muslimin until one of the Sahabat was being shaken by it till the point that he started to doubt Rasulullah. But Abu Bakar as-siddiq managed to calm him with his wise word.

At the end, the muslimin had to go home without performing the Hajj coz in the agreement they can only start to perform Hajj every year starting next year. But an enormous impact of the one-sided Hudaibiyah Agreement slowly taking its token. One of the rule was that any Mekkah people that went to Madinah even by their own desire needed to be sent back by Rasulullah to Mekkah. They complied to the rule but those who were back from Madinah were the one spreading the sacred teaching of Islam throughout Mekkah until it prospered greatly.

And every once a year, the group of Muslim that came with all white Ihrams marching into Mekkah while chanting "Labbaikallahumma labaik, labaika la syarika laka labaik" brought chill in the Musyrikin's spine and slowly their hearts were shook by the greatness of Islam resulting more and more of Mekkah citizen embracing Islam.

Allah knows the best even from our eyes, it looks like a rubbish situation yah? The Imam was even asking us the listeners if we were among them during the agreement, would we be the one raising voice to Rasulullah saying how how stupid he was to comply with the one-sided terms?



Masy said…
dah terlupa dah sejarah2 ni seme, last belajau pun masa skolah agama dulu kot..

nice nice
HEMY said…
tula..kalau time khutbah byk citer pasal sirah, mesti nice...
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