Whatever happens, we are family aren't we?

Yusof n Masnah's Family

Our complete family!!

This year's Hari Raya, our family is blessed with 2 little toddlers Nahdan and Nureen. And the best part is that my sis that lives in OZ is able to join and celebrate Raya with us. Thanks a lot to Abang Osman for making this possible. =]. But we can't always get what we want..my army brother couldn't manage to join us due to the call of duty.

But couple weeks after that he informed us that he would be in KL to take care of something and finally our complete family is reunited. And like always, the rally point would be my sis' house at Shah Alam.

But everything in our life would come to an end. Last Wednesday, Abang Osman's holiday ended. He already extended his unpaid leave another 3 days due to the fight ticket. So I worked from home that Wednesday so I could dash to the airport after Cembam back from school.

Us with Nureen

My parents and my sisters were already waiting at the KLIA McD. And right after we arrived, I took a fair amount of time cuddling Nureen, kiss her here and there coz I'm gonna miss her so much after this. Those white fluffy checks!!! "Uuu..Nureen, bagi sket puteh2 gebu2 ni kat anak uncleeee".

The toddlers

Top : Nureen and her smile. She always smile whenever we 'agah' her.Ouu!! Look at her~~~ Really gonna miss U Nureen~~. She would generously throw u a smile everytime U interact with her.
Bottom : Nahdan and his torturing parents. Ekekekeke. He looks so cute with the turtle outfit!!

Gonna miss U!!!

Here's uncle gorgeous deep long kiss for you..MMMMMWWWWWAAAAHHHHCKKKKKSSSS!!!

Sending Kak Wa

Before entering the gate

I'm glad I could squeeze my time and manage to send them that Wednesday. A moment filled with emotions. Some expressed it out, and some just being deeply hold back for the sake not flooding the airport with our tears =p.

Before leaving

See ya next year!!

Osman's last wave to us while walking towards the checkpoint. Well, there's a bit of sorrow while watching them from top leaving us bit by bit till the moment they vanished from our sight. But that's life. When we try to pursue the betterness of it, we would sacrifice something else. We just need to make sure that both are balance and worth the efforts!! ^^

Hope to see you Nureen, Kak Wa, Abang Osman next year. InsyaAllah~~


Pocket said…
waah, gambar family!!
tak lama lagi kamu pun bertiga gak,
buleh la bergambar ngan stroller bagai :D
HEMY said…
itulah...pasni aku nye turn lak amek gambar ngn anak.huhuhuhu
Masy said…
aku plak yg tertacing. sure sedih nk bpisah dgn budak comel tu lps dah berapa minggu dok tengok dia.

huhuhuhuhu sedih2 uhuhuhhuuhu
~mrs azmi~ said…
masa nureen balik malaysia lagi skali nanti dah pandai berlari dah..