Weekend Dilemma

Sunday. Hehehe..weekends for picisan blog like mine is like a halo where you really want someone else to read what you wrote down (well at first I didn't really give a damn if no one ever read my entries but after years of having you guys reading and commenting them, I honestly feel lonely though when I thought no one read my new entry=[ ), but you know that most probably they won't or they will read it on Monday provided that your weekend entry remains the latest post till that Monday morning =p.

Weekend life without any sports is basically sitting in front of my 14-inches LCD surfing, reading online manga and mostly playing DOTA. Actually on Friday night I got green light from Cembam to play tennis at LHDN Bangi giving reasons that it's nearer, I will put my handphone in my pocket, the battery was just fully recharged while merengek2...bwahahahaha!! But it was raining heavily since afternoon. Huwaaaaa~~~~

But after Asar this evening, I said to Cembam that I wanted to hit the ball against the wall at UKM tennis court. I noticed that they have the tennis wall by the road. Somehow Cembam was OK on the idea so I finally got to test my newly bought racket today. 

Apart of the hitting wall was floored with the 'jalan tar' and the bouncing was rather awkward and irritating to one point, but I just felt so nice to finally got my time to test the racket and sweating a bit. When I was hitting against the wall, a pair of father and son invited me to join them. Hehehhee..So I joined them till the azan was heard. Playing with wall is wayyyy different than with a person for sure.

Hehehe..Thank you Cembam for being understanding. Hey, I even texted her asking of her condition when I was taking a rest though ready to speed off home.


Pocket said…
alaaa.. i know, u wanted someone to play with u, but u dont have anyone in particular so u just went instead and the sound of the ball pounding the wall is a kind of a distress call to any tennis player walking around..
'i'm bored!! help me!'
thus the father and son saved u from the cruel punishment :)

yes, playing with a person is way better then playing by yourself.
(Ayat ni buleh disalahanggapkan)

same as blogging,
cakap berdua, tiga, empat atau lebih
(post yang ada banyak komen)
lagi best dari cakap sesorang kan?
(Tulih post tanpa ruang utk komen)
zonaku said…
yup... its nice...

but to steam off your hatred, and sorts.. squasy is better.. no need for human interaction.

a different type of satisfaction
syah shah said…
hahahah setuju sangat cakap pocket bab men tennis ko tuh... kih kih kih kih :P :P

sejak pc kat umah kaput, daku tidak dapat mentenet di luar waktu pejabat... dah seminggu dah nih... hangen je rase... hoho~
HEMY said…
pocket..ahahaha..so true..jadi la wat lepas gian main ngn pakcik tu. part blogging pn sama...dh besa ada komen jd tak best takde komen..kalu dulu takde komen tak kisah pn

zonaku, kawn aku ayah dia main skuasy..tp dia tak main sbb ramai kawan2 ayah dia sakit jantung..dia kata maybe sebab pace men skuasy ni laju, then suasana main skuasy ni wat jantung ko laju gile

syahshah, beli la pc ez payment..heheheh
zonaku said…
ye ek? aku x pandai sgt bermain. lepas pindah balik sini aku dah tatau nk main kat mana, then guru aku lak meninggal dah. eksiden
HEMY said…
mak aih...sadisnya cerita karier skuasy ko...