Jajan legend yg cool

When you were kids, surely you had this craving towards those fancy colourful Jajan, snacks, ice creams and sweets yah? Well, I'm just the same kid as you. I would even go to the grocery store 200M from my house with just 5cent so I could buy myself a piece of mango pickle (jeruk pelam). Ya, it used to cost 5 cents each.

Some brands that you might still remember like Chikedes, DinDang, Rota and lots more. Tora costs Rm1 a box back then and it came with various kind of toys inside which you won't know unless you buy one. Those who got Tora from their parents were called those who were blessed that time..ekekeke.

Well, memories sure are nice things to be hold, but we need to let it go when the time needs us to.

Last month when I was at my hometown accompanying my Mom to buy some ingredients, we stopped at an old-style grocery shop and I spotted some Jajan/snacks that I used to eat when I was a kid. I picked one and I saw another, picked that one, one more got spotted and at the end of the visit I bought various kind of Jajans worth RM15. Ahahaha.

What did I buy? Here let's have a look;

Gula tarik costs 10 cent each back then, kacang tumbuk also. Gula tarik is so niceeee....it's sticky, liat2 and those bijan tu add on the taste. A really traditional cuisine man~~ Then Kacang tumbuk is a bit tricky. You need to use your palm to ensure serbuk2 serdak dia are not going to spread all around and mess up the place..ekekeke!!! My late grandpa liked this so much!!


Next is tausa or it was written on the package here as Tau Sar. I think it's a chinese word. I dont know. Some would write Kacang Hijau on their wrap. But I love this one. When I was studying my college days, I would buy this once in a while to motivate myself to keep on studying..ekekeke.

Then Kuih Potong. Ok. If I'm not mistaken both of them cost 20 cent each during my childhood days. But I do think there was once each cost 10cent a piece as well. I think the inside of  Kuih Potong are red beans. Love it too but Kuih Potong usually will get stuck celah gigi..ekekeke.


Next we have Biskut Kacang. From its name you can already tell that it made from nuts. I loveee this one. It costs 10cents a piece as well back then. If I have 10cents left from my pocket money of 40cents at the end of my school day, I would buy this if Ice cream was not the best option =].

Roti Putu - err, that it what written on the packaging that I have with me here. Its made from sago and tastes nice for sure. It's a bit different from the traditional sago where it packs like Choki Choki, paper wrapper where you tore the top and swallow them tonggengkan gitu. This one would also lekat celah gigi..


And last but not least, Bipang!!! This one called Bola Bipang coz it's round. The one that Mom used to always buy for us was rectangular shape. We would broke piece by piece and shared among my siblings. There would always be unsatisfied tone like "apsal ko nye besar bang?". Ekekekekeke.

So amacam?

You guys have the same memories? Same jajan that we ate during our childhood?


zella y said…
smua jajan2 ni mak aku palingggggggg suka.....

aku xbrape suka sbb manis! hehehehhe

trus tringat kat mak aku.... ;)
Masy said…
kalau aku plk, yg ko sebut Biskut Kacang tu dipanggil bipang. yg bulat2 tu apetah namanya.. mebi lain tempat, lain nama kot.

hoi gula tarik tu best! tp bole tunjuk tak rupa paras roti putu tu? bukak laaa kertas tuuu nak tengokkkkk
HEMY said…
zellay, oh..mak ko minat ek...windu dia terubat kot kalu ko belikan..hehehe

masy, kang aku buka roti putu tu rupa camne ek..hehehehe
bArdbOO said…
argh, aku suka gila kacang tumbuk tu! sedap wo..
Anonymous said…
aku paling suka 'biskut Tausa' dgn 'kuih potong'..sedapp sgt..kacang tumbuk aku xberape sgt dgn biskut kacang..sedap gk la..cuma yg leceh dia pasal suka 'melekat' kt celah gigi hehehe...