The expected news and the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair

As I've shared in my FB status last night, praise to Allah that my baby has now turned his head down and in ready position waiting to engage into the pelvic area for his last stay in the womb before emerging into this world and finally managed to look on his parents' face.

We were really worried to be honest. I know that the most important thing is the healthiness and safeness of the baby and the Mom but having a C-sect would surely gave quite an after effect to the Mom. So we really prayed that our baby would be delivered normally and we do hope Allah would attend to our pray =].

It was a long 2++ hours (More on the waiting time) in that cold area, but gladly the sofa is so soft so it can compensate the coldness plus I've well prepared with my windbreaker and slept the whole waiting time with my folded legs making sure my feet were sealed under my thighs to keep them warm. But it's worth the wait after we heard the good news that we were expecting so much.

We had our early lunch after that around 11.30AM and then I said to Cembam that there's a book fair going on at UPM and she said she wanted to tag along. So impulsively we went there and there are lots of books!! Even after a week has passed! The BIG BAD WOLF book fair this time is held at MAEPS UPM, in the blue-roof building. Nice air-conditioning, and because I went there during weekdays, many people but not crazily packed with them.

Cookery books are so many to be found out there. Even Jamie Oliver's cook book costs only RM5!!! Go get them. Me? I didn't buy it. The last time I bought cook book for my wife, to this date, she had only try one of the recipe. Ahahhaa!!!

After browsing here and there, I stick to my favourite genre - FICTION!! I love novel with story like Narnia, mages, witches, magical world, dragons and etc. And you need to look at "Young Adult" section for those. Well, I know that I'm young sure..=p. I managed to find 2 books before Cembam said she really tired of walking and standing. I asked her to go out and sit under the provided tents outside of the book area where you could also buy some drinks or snacks. So she walked out and waited me outside.

I was planning to buy around 4-5 books. Around 30-40 ringgit. I had 2 books with me at that time and was looking for another 2. Went to the general fiction and stumbled into this book ELDEST. The sequel of the ERAGON story. Nice!!! I could only see that 1 unit. So no choice, I just took it. And my last book, I went to the best selling section and spotted Cecilia Ahern. Oh, one of my favourite author.

Alright. So I bought 4 books that would last me 2 years maybe. Ahahahahaha!! There are lots of books, atlas, encyclopedia, photography and lots more and there are so fuckin cheap!!! Go man!! Novels cost you RM8 only!! You just need to take the Hospital Serdang signboard and you should definitely reach the place!!!


zella y said…
aku tgk rmai org post psl ni...
geram r...novel cume rm8!!
aku nak pegi tp jauhhhhhhhhhh..... ;(
HEMY said…
hehehe...takde rezeki la mmg murah wehhhh
zonaku said…
lewatnya ko lunch.. tetengah malam ye...

hehhehe... ni ada jugak ko dapat senarai ni karang. tolong belikan untuk aku