cool wheeled-toy!!

Couple of weeks back, during the last week of Hari Raya, my in-law family were in town to attend my SIL's convocation day. As most of the family were assembled, my aunties and uncles in-law have thrown a small open house to feast them during the stay.

At the same time, I have around 4 open houses held by my friends that weekend but family comes first. Still, I squeezed my time and went to 2 of them after I grilled some squids and fishes at Cik Su's house while waiting my in-law to arrive. I managed to attend my friends' open houses around Jusco Equine.

On Sunday we had a feast at Cik Ngah's house, 500M from our apartment. Satay!!! And the mango pickles are so damn nice!! I even got to bring home 3 small tupperwares filled with them courtesy of Cik Ngah. Hehehehe. She said next time surely she gonna make more..ekekeke.


Then we went to another Cembam's cousin at Nilai. Another feast and while resting and chatting, I spot this errr..I dunno what it's called. I refer it as wheeled toy la..ahaha. Haa..this wheeled toy is so nice man. You dont have to push it to make it move. You just need to steer the steering left and right and it will move non-stop as long as you keep steering.

I looked at my niece playing it but at the end I really felt wanna test it out myself. So there I go!! Tell me if you know what it's called. Based on Cembam's cousin, he bought it at Sabasun Kuala Terengganu, an infamous supermarket not far from KT house. So I think next time I will go there and buy one. It really nice man. Really!!

Ok Xiyad...kalau kepala turun bawah Rabu ni doktor check Ayah beli se ke mu. Haa..kalu dok mu tgok je la ayah maing sorang2..Ahahahahaha!!!


zonaku said…
kiranya. baby pusing ke tidak.. ko tetap akan beli kan?
Masy said…
hahahah! ko kene cakap camtu kat perut cembam, kasik dia gentar sket. hahahahah!!
Pocket said…
pocket actually saw the exact same thing kat toy'r'us semalam!!

memang besh kan benda tu,
pocket pung tingin nak naik gak,
tp budak tu tak kasik..
HEMY said…
zonaku..ala..jgn pecah rahsia..aku gertak je si xiyad tu

masy, ahahaa..mcm2 dh aku makan saman

pocket, baper hengget ah kalau toy's r us tu...tkpe..aku cek dulu kat ganu tu..hehehe