Convocation Day UPM

Yesterday was my sister's convocation day after 3plus years of college life. She studied under the IJM scholarship hence she always has something to do during her semester break and after she finished her study, she immediately started her work with IJM PJ and there's only one word for that if you ask me, "Blessed". We are happy for her of course.

Tuesday night, my family arrived at our humble house. Well, due to UPM being just 5 minutes drive from our house, so the staying the night before at ours would be the best inarguable decision. Luckily they've already had dinner before they came, so I didn't have to prepare any meal for them. A jug of tea was sufficed. Ekekeke.


Early morning, my parents and my sisters have already gone out towards UPM. But Cembam went out earlier. Me? I said to my sis that I would be coming a little bit later around 10A.M. I prefer having a little more nap than having to wait outside for hours waiting for the scroll-giving ceremony to end. So I reached UPM around 11A.M and the timing was so perfect because from the big screen they announced that the YDP or whoever he is will be closing the ceremony. Yea!!!

My youngest sister was waiting outside for hours. I burst out laughing when I looked at the pictures he took with my camera. (Oh, I let my youngest sister hold the camera). She took random pictures but not just that!! She took pictures of other students taking group photos like she was their friends!!! Even a picture of the guard officer smiling!! She said she just said to them "Kak, Bang, let me take your pictures". Bwaahahaha..So like reporter la. But really was a nice thing to do to kill time.

After we regrouped, we just took some photos.


This landmark was never there during my time. =[



When I arrived, Faris was just arrived couple minutes before me. Thanks to him coz he brought couple boxes of KFC so when abah emerged out of the crowd, he was so hungry and we didn't need to be worry about that. We took couple more photos and then we headed to the foodcourt to get proper seats and rest.

During my time, this logo wasn't exist yet. So nice man having this huge logo for your convocation picture. Damn!!



Without tripod, I managed to take our photos together at this well, decent place. hehehehe. You got to use anything around you to achieve want you want yah?

We dined till 2P.M and went to my house. It was raining very heavy. One of the hardest downpour I've ever experienced during my stay there. Maybe because of the rage of Abah that suddenly exploded when we reached my place. But, hmm..Don't think wanna share about that coz its totally has ruined the happiness of that day. Just in a matter of seconds, SNAP!! just like that and the mood was entirely changed.

Hmmm..but anyway, happy convocation day Biba!!!

Well, during my convocation, less pictures, not even a single pictures with my friends because we were busy looking for our parents and the best part, I was just broke up with my no one special came except my dearest family and Kak Linda whom I've lost contact...But I didn't give a shit about it=]


~mrs azmi~ said…
ko konvo tahun bila?

time aku konvo tahun 2006 mende 'UPM' + logo tu memang takde lagik...

pastu sebab konvo hari keje memang cuma mak jela yang ada... huhu
zonaku said…
all the spot/tugu wasn't there when i graduated as well....

even the robe was still the good old green one.

family was the most important one during our g-day, well, at least for me
zonaku said…
the word is 'landmark' hahahahaa...... blh x vocab aku blur sekejap...
HEMY said…
ahhahhahaha..aku konvo 2005 rasa ujung2 tu mrs azmi

ko nye lagi le lama zonaku oi..tu warna jubah kakak aku haaaa
Bardboo said…
peh merah giler jubah konvo tu..