bin Hasnul Efendi? Gile~~~

I got 2 days parental leave on Thursday and Friday and I took this whole week using my AL until Raya Haji so I could spend my time with Xiyad and Cembam before leaving them for about a month at Terengganu and continue with working in a new project. Fortunately I save enough ALs for that.

We have actually planned our financial for Xiyad but there's a major hazard in it when we bought a house out of sudden. So, our scenario is like we have the money but somehow we don't have it..ahahaha!! But Alhamdulillah having a kid will open a new door of sustenance and I believe on that.


I've wrote more entries about my new life of parenthood in my other blog "blog kami" up there in the menu bar because I don't wanna flood my blog with nothing other than the stories about our little khaleefah coz you would be die in boredome after couple more entries about him. So, I decided to share more about my parenthood in that blog.

But can't help to share still some stories here though. But not that detail. I think


Being a new dad, you have to actually not just taking care of your baby, but also the mother. When Cembam used to say "masak la, kemas la..." or "baru masak skali..masak la selalu" whenever I cooked, I would always answer;

Xiyad Asytar

It's not that I can't do the house chores, I would prefer it to be done by you so you could serve for your husband and gains pahala for each one of them. After all, the easiest way to get accepted into the heaven is by serving your husband nicely"

Ekekekeke. So during her pantang and me doing all the chores proved that. It's considered as a boost of morale, a motivation or an encouragement to pregnant again after this. Let her feel " nice being pampered, being served by my hubby, even put on my socks for me every night. Nak ngandung lagi la pasni". Hehehe..that's the plan!!

Xiyad Asytar

During night so far the most was 3 times we had to woke up in the middle of the night. Crying for milk and full-poo napkin. For now alhamdulillah every cries and shrieks of Xiyad were attended by me. I would like zassss, woke up when I heard her low-pitch cry out of my control..impulsively. Hehehe.

And so far changing diapers were mostly done by me. It's not that Cembam couldn't do it but I prefer doing it while Cembam is still weak and hard to freely move. But I've started to ask Cembam to do it so that I could entrust Xiyad in her care during pantang at Ganu. She's coping nicely with the help of her mother instinct and she's looking more and more like a mother now!!

Xiyad Asytar

Oh the bouquet of flowers surely freshen up my room till now.

My routine now;

1. Boil the water for Cembam every time she needs to answer the nature call and taking a bath
2. Attend to Xiyad's shrieking
3. Changing Diapers
4. Put on Xiyad's clothes (so fun), sapu minyak on his belly and tapak kaki
5. Sapu minyak on Cembam's leg, put on her stokings and bengkung

6. Bedung Xiyad so he could be good in sports. Ekekeke
7. Buat air, bawak makanan to Cembam, simply serving the master..ekekeke
8. Basuh2 the dishes, the clothes
9. Cook when needed

And lots more!!! It's fun in a way but surely after pantang I would pass the flag to Cembam. Ahahahaaha!!!

Playing game online is a bit hard now coz you cant just leave the game (coz u are playing with others) and attend to Xiyad. So I need to cilok time smartly too. After all those routines of mine dah settle, Xiyad is sleeping, only then I could surf, and have my own time like now. Ahhahahahaa!!!!

Ok guys!!! I would be here until Wednesday if in case you wanna pay a visit. After that Xiyad will only be back here on early December or end of November.


Pocket said…
such a good father u are,
i wish i could be like u :)

anyway the excuse u made asking the other half to do everything during their best health are the best.
i might be 'cilok'ing that same excuse too :)

now that u'r a kopral with one calit,
u cant play online game no more.
best if u sell those tennis gears too :) heheeh

(Kidding kidding ^^)
Bit Xamri said…
How sweet u r!..
Now i started dreaming to have 'one' like you..hahahah! oh tidak! nak! nak!
dah tukar cyber name jadi Bit Xamri(before this Bit Zamri), cz terpengaruh dgn nama Xiyad!..haha..
Masy said…

tak sempat la kot nk jmpe xiyad, kene tunggu abes pantang la nmpknye wohooooo!!~
zella y said…
ayah mithali.. ;)
HEMY said…
zonaku, tq

pocket..ekekeke.excuse tu utk sume lelaki di dunia ini..ahahahaha

bit xamri..ahaha..aku pasan dh nama ko..then terus baca komen..ekekekeke..terpengaruh sudah...

masy, hmm..tu lah..tggu pas abeh pantang le

zella y...thanks
❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
pastikan untuk anak2 yg seterusnya ko tetap menten wat menda2 nih oke..anyway tahniah!
HEMY said…
tula.aku cuba la bella...hehe
aim-a said…
bagus2.nnt bile xiyad dah beso..suh dia baca pengorbanan bapak dia ni. so sweet lah :D
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