Bangi Kopitiam. My own review

Eventhough I've been passing this restaurant, eating place or kopitiam to be precise, I've never been dining in this one big corner lot kopitiam with huge board displaying the name of Bangi Kopitiam. From outside, the kopitiam portrays a same standard as Old Town Kopitiam.

So this one morning after I fetched my sis in law and her husband, I decided to treat them a breakfast here. But it was a late breakfast due to the flight and the distance. We were feeling really hungry but because along the way we couldn't find any warung to crash, so we ended up here.

When we opened up the menu book. Darn!!! The prices really are expensive and on par with Old Town. But like most of us would feel, "oh, classy kopitiam, lets just dine here and have a nice taste worth the price", so we stick to the idea of dining there apart of the price.

My SIL and her husband ordered just one hot milo costs RM3.80 if I'm not mistaken, Cembam ordered Nasi Lemak costs Rm7-RM9 I forgot the exact price and I ordered a set of toasted bread. I tasted Old Town's toast previously so I ordered the same thing coz well, it's a bit cheaper. My SIL and her hubby ordered a meal each but I forgot what did they order.

We had to wait so long, around 20 minutes and there's no 'more than 15 minutes - free coffee' rule like Old Town =[. And when the hot milo arrived. It was in a small cup like above. Classy u know ==.

My toast arrived the last. I kept on waiting while the rest were having their meal. And when I finally got my toasted bread like the one above, it's cold. The butter was not melting nicely like the one I had in Old Town. It's so like my 10-year old sister's self made toast. Seriously!! And I am not over exaggerating here.

Cembam's over-priced Nasi Lemak looks like that. An ordinary one and not the one with chicken or what so ever. The taste? Emm..the same as the one we could buy at RM2 just 150 meters near the corner. And again, I'm not over exaggerating.

It's not fair for me to rate down the kopitiam but this is my own experience. It's always full of people and maybe I was just out of luck y'know. But surely I won't be dining there again. Old Town is way better if I were to judge by just this one time experience but I try not to dine in Old Town too.

We are getting more and more used to expensive dining places and from my point of view, this will lead to inflation when more and more people say "oh, Nasi lemak RM11? Ok la..standard as long as it's nice". Would you agree?


Masy said…
aku kureng sket bangi kopitiam. suke old town. dan pappa rich jugek.

kadang2 tatau la apsal rege kat kopitiam ni ridikeles sgt. nk kata sedap nau, gitu2 jeww. pinggan lawa? biasa2 jewwww.. hmmmmm. or did we have to pay for the so-call-cozy environment?

lepak kat padang shah alam jugek yg best. heheheheh

aku bebel2 ni pun tetaplah suke gak lepak old town. ni dah berapa bulan x lepak situ, dah gigil dah ni hahahahahaah
moment said…
aku pnh gi sekali..
ermm order roti bakar ngan ais blended.. ok la jugak..

tapi harga mmg mahal la..
yg xtahan, kwn aku order telur separuh masak.. tp yg smpi telur 1/5 masak.. hoho

*aku mmg suka butter yg xmelt.. mcm kt old town..huhu
zonaku said…
ada satu lagi kat area sect 7, belakang sup urat keting tu... x la sangat hebat..

cekidaut tgk...
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
nampak butter tu mcm keras je duk dlm roti tu kan...
HEMY said…
tulah pasal...class sangat kot kopitiam ni smpi rega tak beragak mahal..hmm

old town aku try tak pegi sbb dia punya status halal tu selalu meragukan

moment : aku tknak dia kat mulut dia cair disebabkan panas roti tu. ni roti pn mcam smlm punya haaa

zonaku, malas dh nk try..ahahaha

fiza, tu le tak best je tgok haa