1 week to go

Another 1 week (if we follow the Doc's calculation), I would step into a totally new world, new environment of being a Dad!! Oh My Allah!!! I mean, I did imagine that when I was lots more younger though. But I kept on over-exaggerated the imagination. Like my kids have a blonde hair naturally and blue eyes due to some abnormalities (in a good way) in my chromosomes or something like that..ekekeke.

Just now I talked about the breathing technique with Cembam. Well, I never watched any video about it yet. But I just explained to her how crucial 'curi nafas' is during the deliver. You don't want to waste the 'push' that you've did by inhaling the air and pulling back the kid in. That's the basic concept. I tried to imagine how could she train that so I said

"Imagine like I'm hardening my abs now to make the paxs came out, I have to hold my breath. But now I'm going to make sure these paxs remain hardened but in the same time I take a breath inhaling as much as I can"

Bwahaha. But Cembam seems to understand it..errr I think so. Heee. My sister who is now residing in Australia with her beloved husband and adorable little daughter told us that her sister in law really good in her breathing technique. While my sis was in her pantang mode and her SIL just delivered her baby, the next her SIL has already wearing her jeans!!! 2 days after giving birth, she's already wearing a jeans!!! Hahahaha!!!

My mom suggests to me to take care of Cembam by my own. Meaning, I shouldn't send her back to KT. But I explained that I'd be working, she would be alone (but my mom volunteered to look after her though) plus we are going back to KT this Raya Haji. That's why alang2, Cembam stayed there until her pantang ended.

Then suddenly Mom asked that one night she called Cembam;

"Senyap je..laki ko mana?"
"Main tenis"
"main lagi?" (that time just 35 weeks je ok)
"Dah dia nak main" amvoi, bukan nak backup..damn
"haish laki ko ni"

Ekekeke. You know what I replied to my mom??

"Ooo..mak la ni tukang hasut suh tak bagi main!! Damn!!!"



Bardboo said…
aku dulu before nak beranak, ada gak la baca2 pasal breathing ni..tp kan bila dah sakit nak beranak tu, dah xde pikir dah nak bernafas cara macam mana lagi..main pkai push2 jer..hehehe..

pastu kalo org byk ckp time kita tgah sakit tu, rasa mcam nak tendang jek org tu...so masa isteri ko sakit2 nnt ko jgn tny mcam2 tau..bg semangat je..tny lebih2 xpasal2 kena marah kang..
Pocket said…
just make sure that if the phone rings during your tennis session,
u can hear it and the car is available for u to rocket yourself to her :)

or else, your son will be hearing the story as a teladan story when it is his turn to wait for his pregnant lady...

'jangan jadi macam bapak hang! dia dulu, masa mak nak beranak kat hang dulu, dia bukan nya nak tunggu, dia pi main tennis!'

heheheheh :D ofcourse not in kedah accent though lah kan heheh
Erina Asmawani said…
alaaa..aku pulak yg nebes ni..fuhh fuhh..breath in..breath out..

nanti aku nak share 1 entry dari blog ni, kisah si suami masa temankan isteri dia bersalin..nebes. Tp lucu pun ada..ko baca nanti tau..hehe

semoga semuanya dipermudahkan. Aminnn.Fuuhh fuhh
Masy said…
ok ngeri, so tatau nk komen ape ohohoh
syah shah said…
kadang-kadang bila plan itu-ini, sekali dah sampai masa, buleh berterabur suma menda pasal panic... haha~ :P

Anyways, semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kalian... Aminn... :D
HEMY said…
Bardboo...tulah..aku senyap sambil usap2 kepala jelah gamaknya

pocket, siyes beb...member aku umur 51 dh. masa pas kawin tk sempat honeymoon gi outstation US..smpi skang ungkit..ahahahaha

Erina, hehehe...mmg panik masa tu..tp kalau ada try2 blaja nafas kot masa tu neutrally came can

masy..ko komen aku ayah gorgeous sudah

syahshah..hehehe..itulah pasal..mekasih for the wishes