Tempat makan best Bandar Baru Bangi. Steamboat Antarabangsa

Bandar Baru Bangi is the new Shah Alam if you ask me. This area has been growing rapidly for the past few years. It's hard to get an eye of any house for sale that would cost you less than 300K. The price estimation of the properties here has become much much higher recently.

For Malay, BB Bangi is a nice place to have your own house and raise your kids for those who lives around this area. I mean like Semenyih, Serdang, Balakong and the perimeter around it. Sungai Merab's housing price has also skyrocketed due to the 'near Putrajaya' claim

You can find lots of restaurants, kopitiam and food outlets here in BB Bangi. Just name it. Ice Room, Ayam Percik, Abdullah Chan, Tutti Frutti and lots more. Even Radix Fried Chicken has also started its business here.

Well, I'm not really wanna write about BB Bangi. That's just the introduction. Well, during fasting, the last week before we celebrated Hari Raya, my guy friends and I have agreed to have Iftar together at Steamboat Antarabangsa. The choice was either Antarabangsa or Saba Middle East restaurant.

It was my first time there. Najib has recced the restaurant on the menu and we were excited to go on Tuesday where deer meat was one of the main dish. It was a buffet steamboat eat all you want. But they have put a condition that any waste will be charged RM10 every gram if I'm not mistaken. Good idea. If not, the patrons will just take all they want without needing to care whether they can eat them or not.

The choice of the steamboat ingredients are by far the best for steamboat restaurant I've ever went. Variety type of fishballs, the squids, the meats, chickens and lots more. For Rm39.90 if I could still recall, having our Iftar there was surely a fiesta!!! Well, the catch was to leave our wives at home having Iftar without their hubbies!!! Ahahahahahaahha!!!


When we arrived they were not so many people but around fast break time, the crowd started pouring in. We already took quite portion of deer meat. You could dip all the ingredients into the steaming pot and also butter-fried them around the pot. Camne nk ckp ntah in english..ahahaha. Look at the picture then you know lah.

We took turn to perform our maghrib prayer in a small pot at the corner of the restaurant. You could listen to all the chattering while praying. Huhu.

Najib was so keen to enjoy this one kind of siput which I don't even know what you call it. By a glance you wont even think its the kind that can be used to satisfy your appetite. It looks like a decoration shell.


Najib took quite a handful of those siput and I could see that he struggled to get a nice piece of the flesh from inside the shell. He tried using the fork to cungkil it out and and one extend he was sucking it out.

"susah gila nak sedut", Najib said
"Ler Najib..tu bukan siput sedut..Ni siput tiup. Ko kena tiup siput tu kuar ikut corong dia", referring to the tip point of the shell. I was teasing him

But there he goes. Najib followed my advice. He then blew the shell from that pointy tip trying to get the flesh out of.

"Tak boleh pun"

I was restraining myself not to laugh and wanted to ask him to try blowing it harder. But Ayman couldn't stopped himself from cracking out. 

Bwahahahahahahaahahah!!!! We were laughing

"Ko ni man..cepat sangat la. Rilek la dulu..kasi Najib tiup 4-5 kali dulu"
"Tak boleh dowh..aku dah tak boleh blah..Jahat siot dajal!!!!"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! We laughed again. Years back. Ayman was the one got dajalled during fast break. There was a nice glass of drink and they put a fancy spoon that looks like a sweet, gula-gula. 

Then I said to Ayman, "Man, rupanya gula-gula la sudu dia. Manis tu kalau hisap. Leh makan ni..bapak ah".

Then Ayman responded "ye ke?" And trying to bite the spoon.


I am blessed with such nice friends!!!


Kenshin said…
Namanya Siput Duri (Chi le in hokkien)

cara nak makan adelah dengan menCUNGKIL.

Dah tau....soo takdelah buat silap lg. huhu
Erina Asmawani said…
haaha..sian kawan ko dibuli je..hahaha..x tahan siap gigit sudu tu..

butter fried? nyammmmm!!! nak kena g ni...
Masy said…
hahahahhaaha bongok giler!! tp aku pon ade gak mber2 pesen lurus bendul cemni. hahahhahahahaha
zonaku said…
hahahaa....... duia lupa la tu kwn2 jenis suka gurau camni.... sebab excited nk makan...

anyway, lps ni korang blh pegi lagi, sebab dah tau cara nk makan kan...

miss this kind of gathering.....
HEMY said…
ahahaha..pandai dak najib...boleh la kita gi lagi pasni

bwahahaha..dia gigit bajet coklat bentuk sudu...

masy, ekekekeke..kadang depa tak lurus.tp tgh tak fokus

zonaku, ekekeke...ada time nye kang aku le kena balik..tggu je
zonaku said…
hhaha.. kalau kena nanti, redha je la ye.........
Generalhoho said…
demmmm... geng lupe bini tu.. hahahaha...!!
woi sian najib.. ko patut pakai variable bukan nama sebenar! hahahahaha
Top Niaga said…
perghh terbaik. teringin nak pergi