Tapai Pulut dari Tok

I was in front of my PC last night editing and cropping some pictures taken during Hari Raya but before I upload them to the net, I decided to take a break leaning towards the sofa in the living room, switching the Astro On and watched channel 816 for Tennis US Open. But it was raining in US so the live game was suspended.

But the last thing I know, I was already dozed off for more than 1 hour, I forgot who was playing at that time and I just walked into the bathroom, take my ablution and performed my late Isyak before I went to bed. Ekekekeke. So, no Raya pictures for today's entry too. Sorry.


In my fridge right now, I have tapai pulut that were made by Tok, my wife's grandma specially for me!! When we arrived at my Parents in-law house that third raya noon, there were already some Tapai Pulut in the fridge and I ate some of them and leave the rest for my Ipar Duai and my SIL who were still driving their way home.

Later in the evening we visited Tok and she was taking her nap in her telekung. My aunties were saying that Tok has already kept some tapai inside the fridge for me. "Dok sebut Hasnul Hasnul rase..ade le tu simpan rase". Then one of my auntie took it out from the fridge and dined it for us. But I ate most of them. Hehehe

And suddenly Tok awoke from her nap and first thing she said was "Hasnul". Oh..terharu OK..Eventhough she was my wife's grandma but I treat her like my own. We didn't really talk much but everytime I had the opportunity to talk something with her, I will just blurt it out with my half-terengganu slang which I've been working it on. Heeee...

Then the next day we went to find daun jambu air coz Tok wanna made more tapai for me so I could bring it back to KL.Bestnya!!! I plucked off lots of the leaves and sent it to Tok. I wanna help with the tapai but it was still very early phase where the Ragi was just being shredded by Tok. Nothing much to assist her with.

And after 2 nights, the morning we were going back to KL, I picked them up. 3 plastic bags of tapai. 2 plastics for my 2 aunties and one much bigger plastic for me. When I opened the plastic, I think almost 100 pieces of tapai inside it!!!! So nice Tok!!! Sayang Tok!!! Ekekeke

So, I've been having nice tapai pulut for my desert for days now. Around 10+ pieces of them every night!!!!

Sayang TOk!!!


Pocket said…
Cucu menantu kesayangan nih!!
sampai buat 100 bagai!
dah la tu tgh tido buleh terjaga ngan nama kamu yang pertama!

heheh u are a total lady charmer la bro :D
HEMY said…
lalalala...thanks pocket...rasa kembang jubur ni smpi leh wat wau terbangkan di udara..ahahahaha
Masy said…
oit hahahahhaha sayangi jubur anda setiap hari.. tapai pulut (ikut lagu Vitagen).

sonok woooo klu org tua2 syg kt kita. ade kwn mak aku ni dulu penah buatkan satu talam kuih talam keladi bila aku ckp kt mak aku yg aku tkilan x dpt mkn kuih tu kt umah jiran aku. waaaaa tharuuuuuuu... hampir2 menitik air idong wakakaakakakka

tok! tapai ubi ade tak?