Raya means money to THEM

3rd Raya!!!

As planned, we are now at Seberang Takir after our 2-day eid with my family at Sabak Bernam. It was such a blast and totally different from the rest of Hari Raya I've ever celebrated. All thanks to Osman, my OZ brother in-law who managed to save enough money, took enough holidays to ensure our whole family could gather this Raya.

But so pity and a bit depressing when my only brother could not come home. He was on duty at the Malaysian border, protecting our soil from any threat and invasion. We all redha and have to accept the nature of his job. But unfortunately we forgot to give him a call that Raya morning. We are so sorry Am~~~ We just got caught up with that cheerful morning, playing with our nephew and niece. So sorry again~~~ But we always remember you for sure=[.

My photos are still in the camera and I forgot to bring the transfer cable=[. So, more detail story on how my raya would be told in my next entries..

Well, today we kicked off from my hometown at 9 A.M and after 7 and half hour journey, using an entirely different route by trying the new LATAR highway and the unofficially opened LPT extension, we managed to cut around an hour of our usual journey.

Thanks to MTD for allowing us to use the highway for free while waiting the official launch. It really ease up a lot of our journey-stress. Thank you!!!

But fuck you to the faggot speedtrap!!! I know that usually there would be a speed trap at the temerloh exit. The police guy would usually sit in between the divider and has his speedcamera with him, trying to get as much money to be squeezed out from us. I've already signaled left when approaching the hot spot but there were too many cars on the left lane. So I just had to overtake them right? And there he was, with his camera and when I looked at my odometer - 125kmh!! But..come on!!! I was overtaking the cars man..should I just squeezed in-between?

Is it a valid speedtrap? Again we never know right? Is driving downhill, overtaking cars would still be caught on camera? Is that even fair??

Haahhhh~~~~ benci..fuck them!!

Then, just now I just tried to check if there's any outstanding summon under my car's registration number and guess what? I have one back on 29th April at Bentong. Arghhhh!! Benci nyeeeee~~~~~

But yah...I know. Most people would say "sapa suh bawak laju"?

Well, it's not that we purposely speed up...when the highway is stretched out hundred of kilometers, sticking to 110kmh when it's still safe to speed up more is actually the real cause of accident - getting sleepy!!! Try do some research on accident causes and see how low the percentage of SPEEDING being the cause!!!!

Ah, bencila...sapa la nak caya kat aku...



Pocket said…
speeding is not the cause bro,
attitude is,

speeding just spill the crime scene with more blood.